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Hello carbon tax friends: We’re six weeks from qualifying I-732… see the signature countdown below, plus goings-on in Olympia, Seattle, and Bellevue and good readings!

Signature count-down

Our goal is 330,000 signatures, and last week we were at 270,398. We are now at 282,735, so we’ve got 47,265 left to go… and you know the drill: check the signature-gathering calendars (in particular here’s Seattle RSVP and Bellevue RSVP forms), share our signature-gathering job postings with students and others who need a bit of cash, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, volunteer to make phone calls from your home or help out around the campaign office or do data entry from home, help with your local chapter, etc.

Preliminary signature turn-in on Th Oct 29

Just a reminder that we’re doing a preliminary turn-in of signatures in Olympia on Th Oct 29 at 11am; all are welcome, so if you want to join us then email me for details! (We’re going to keep it simple, but we’re happy to try to help arrange carpooling so if you’re interested in that then please say as much in your email.) And if you’re in Seattle and want to come take a picture with the signature boxes before we take them down to Olympia then come by the office anytime between 10am and 6:30pm on T Oct 27 to get a photo with staff and fellow volunteers! (We’re at 1914 N 34th St. near Gasworks Park, in Suite 407, and in case of disaster call the office phone at 206-632-1805.)

Request for office help in Seattle

If you’re putting your time and energy into signature gathering then please continue to do that (i.e., ignore this paragraph), but if signature-gathering is not your thing and you’re in Seattle and have a few hours of free time in the next week then please come by the office to help Duncan and Marcia and others organize and scan signature sheets prior to the Oct 29 preliminary turn-in. Feel free to drop by unannounced, or call the office phone at 206-632-1805, or you can email to set something up. Thanks!


East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue is hosting an evening event on Th Oct 29 (yes, the same date as the turn-in) from 6pm-7:30pm in the Sanctuary featuring CarbonWA’s Bill Finkbeiner, King County Council member Jane Hague, and Congressional candidate Jason Ritchie, each speaking about environmental stewardship and then Q&A, plus social time, food, and drinks. For details email or visit the event’s Facebook page.


Here’s an update on the BC carbon tax. (It’s the most recent analysis I know of, but somehow I missed it when it came out earlier this year; it estimates that “the tax has reduced emissions in the province by 5–15%.”) Also the NY Times has “2015 Likely to Be Hottest Year Ever Recorded”. And a bipartisan group of national security heavyweights published a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal calling for climate action. (See also this Carbon Pulse article about a call for carbon pricing from national and international leaders in business and politics. And for everyone’s favorite local heavyweight, here’s Bill Gates emphasizing the importance of carbon pricing.) Finally, some fellow carbon pricing advocates at the Climate Action Business Association in Massachusetts have produced this nifty video explaining the basics.

As always, comments are welcome on the blog, or via Facebook or Twitter, and please send your Tales from the Trails, good or bad, to me at (please cc: if you can).


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