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Hi everyone,

Our numbers keep increasing! We now have 71,000 signatures pledged, and our goal is still 100,000 for this summer. If you haven’t pledged, do so here. We need a lot more than that though. Can you talk to two people this week about CarbonWA, tell them why putting a price on carbon is important, and ask them to pledge to collect 1000 signatures from January-July of 2014? Have them fill out the form, here. Thanks!

Carbon taxes have been in the news frequently this week. Here are updates on the Massachusetts and Oregon campaigns. Also, Bobby Righi of PSARA wrote a great article about why a carbon tax is a win-win for Washington.

We are also looking for people who are interested in giving presentations on behalf of CarbonWA. If you are, email me with your name and general availability. We will be hosting a training for those interested but not yet comfortable presenting, so if that’s you, email me as well.

Our working groups have launched, and we’re still looking for more people! If you’re interested in joining Policy or Fundraising, email Yoram, and if you’re interested in joining Campaign/Outreach or Media/Communications, email me.

Thanks for your support,


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