Campaign News

In 42 days (on Friday Oct 21) ballots go out in the mail, and in 60 days (on Tuesday Nov 8) the election will be over. Stay tuned for more on our election night party (!) but now is the time to help with the final push. Just follow the link here for different ways you can help, and please help now. In a few weeks we hope to be getting editorial board endorsements and significant national media attention, but right now—the calm before the storm, or our Valley Forge, or however you want to think of it—right now is when we need to lay the groundwork for victory.

PS. As promised, last week I did my first phone-banking via CallFire… I haven’t figured out if it’s more fun or less fun than signature-gathering (!) but it’s important to remember that for every person you actually talk to, CallFire leaves a Yes on 732 voicemail for 2 or 3 people who didn’t pick up the phone. Please give it a try, instructions are here. Everyone can do something! (Follow the link here for other ways you can help.) And congratulations to our Game of Phones leaders… see below!

Campaigning in poetry

I’m thrilled to share with you a poetry exchange between our staffer Quillan Robinson and a fellow named John who received a message about I-732 via the email list of one of our Republican endorsers. Our email started “Dear Friend”, and John’s initial response was somewhat less than kind: “You are not my friend. / You are an evil idiot. / Go **** yourself. / That is more eloquence than you deserve.” And here is Quillan’s response: “Mr. [ ], Thank you for your eloquent message. I decided to write Haiku in response (not as eloquent as your piece… but hey…I tried): Please research the bill / There is Red and Blue support / Think of our future. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions! Best, Quillan.” And John wrote back: “Mr. Robinson, Well, now you’ve put me in a conundrum.Your elegance out-shines my eloquence. Very well done and much appreciated. I shall therefore be compelled to research the bill. Best regards.”

Great work Quillan and team! As my co-chair Joe Ryan put it, These haiku are proof / That bipartisanship works. / Revenue neutral!!!!

Upcoming events

Buy tickets now! On W Sept 28 in Seattle with UW meteorologist Cliff Mass we will have a wine-and-cheese reception in Kane Hall followed by a lecture; details and tickets here

Just Announced! On W Oct. 17 Seattle CityClub October Civic Cocktail – I will take part in a moderated debate about I-732; details and tickets here!

  • Other upcoming events: Sun Sept 11 in Seattle at 1:30pm at the University Unitarian Church (6556 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115) 
  • W Sept 14th – Pizza, Cider, and Phonebank for I-732
  • W Sept 14 in Spokane we’ll be part of a State of the Green Economy discussion sponsored by Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI) and the Washington Clean Tech Alliance
  • F Sept 16 in Oak Harbor I’ll be speaking at the Rotary Club 
  • Th Sept 22 in Seattle we’ll be hanging out with tax lawyers
  • Much more to come! Email us if you have other ideas to fill up the calendar and get the word out!

We’re hiring (Spread the word!)

We are now hiring fellows (in Seattle), canvassers (in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties), and unpaid interns (everywhere). Details here, please help spread the word!

In the news

Check out the great work of Audubon Washington in support of I-732, including ED Gail Gatton’s Video Voter Guide video and their awesome owl logo! (You can get some of their materials at And congrats and thank you for LTEs (Letters to The Editor) from Meghan Anderson (Kittitas Audubon Society), Sam Merrill (Black Hills Audubon Society), Lora Rathbone (Tri-City Herald), Paula Doherty (Peninsula Daily News), Jane Lindley (Bainbridge Island Review), Monica Aufrechet (Bainbridge Island Review), Eric Greenwell (Tri-City Herald), and this uncredited author in the Moscow Pullman Dailey News. (Keep them coming, and please read these guidelines and/or contact if you need help or when you’ve submitted one!)

Also, Cliff Mass has a piece on 732 and “‘The Nader Moment’ for Washington State Environmentalists” (details and tickets here for his UW talk on W Sept 28!); Clayton Aldern in Crosscut gets his history wrong but otherwise has a decent piece with Carbon tax initiative looks like a nail-biter; we got a shout-out in Geov Parrish’s column in the Queen Anne News; and on TriplePundit the American Sustainable Business Council writes that As the Election Heats Up, Voters Could Propel Carbon Taxes. Elsewhere, Justin Gillis in the NYT has Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun. (Key quote, from the mayor of a small town in Florida: “I’m a Republican, but I also realize, by any objective analysis, the sea level is rising.”)

Somewhat on the other side of things is Tali Sharot and Cass Sunstein’s NYT op-ed on climate change and “Why facts don’t unify us”. See also Michael Tomasky’s “Moderate Republicans, Unite!”, and Nicholas Kristof on “What religion would Jesus belong to?” (Maybe—just maybe—it’s not just religious organizations that “sometimes evolve into ingrown, risk-averse bureaucracies obsessed with money and power” 🙂

Videos to share on Facebook: Audubon ED Gail Gatton’s Video Voter Guide statement on 732, plus a new-and-improved version of the insanely fabulous 30-second video from supporter Lou Daprile.

And last but not least a shout out to our Yakima Chapter for placing this excellent ad in the Yakima Herald. That color ad really pops against the black and white text!


The week of phones competition! 

During last week’s phone competition we had 10 individuals that each made over 500 calls. Congratulations and Thank You to: Aaron Tam, Allie Bull, Carol Reich, Kara Smith, Mary Painter, Megan Conaway, Phillip Singer, Karissa Jones, Quillan Robinson, and the winner with 1,627 call in one week goes to…Ren Wilcox (enjoy your visit to the Woodland Park Zoo!). If you are looking for ways to help pass I-732 visit our Volunteer page for all the ways you can help.

Let’s win!

Yoram and the Yes on 732 team