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Hello carbon tax friends:

* We can’t do it without you! Please pledge now to collect signatures between February and June 2014. We’ve got 72,000 signatures pledged and have a goal of 100,000 pledges by the end of the summer. (It takes 300,000 to get on the ballot.) You can also use the same quick survey to get involved in the committees working on the campaign, outreach, policy, fundraising, etc.

* If you can’t help with time (or even if you can!) please consider contributing some financial support. We’ve been running a very thrifty campaign but we need $2000 for a database system that will help us organize the campaign. Checks payable to CarbonWA can be send to CarbonWA, c/o Yoram Bauman, 3656 Francis Ave N #B, Seattle WA 98103; for public disclosure purposes please include your name, address, occupation, and employer’s name and address.

* We’re happy to announce that Shi-Ling Hsu has agreed to join our Advisory Committee. Shi-Ling is a PhD economist, a law professor at Florida State University, and the author of The Case for a Carbon Tax. He was previously at University of British Columbia and co-authored (with Yoram) a NY Times op-ed on the BC carbon tax.

* Another intellectual leader of the movement, economist Ed Dolan, has a three-part serious about why everyone (conservatives, progressives, and libertarians) should love carbon taxes. As if to prove him right, a new study of the BC carbon tax estimates that it will boost economic activity because “the government uses carbon tax revenue to reduce personal and corporate income taxes, making the province a more attractive jurisdiction for investment.” Similar results come from a recent REMI study of carbon tax policies in Massachusetts (study and PPT here, free one-hour webinars this coming Monday and Wednesday, July 22/24, at 2pm ET / 11am PT).

Happy weekend!

Claire Meints
CarbonWA Organizer

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