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Hello carbon tax friends: Next week we will release our April report on how many signatures we’ve got in hand and how much money we’ve raised. We want to make a big splash so the most important things you can do are send in your signature sheets now (don’t worry if your sheet are not fully completed) and help us push our crowdfunding campaign to success. (Any contribution helps, no matter the level, just like any number of signatures helps!)  Read on for more on that, plus new chapters in Ellensburg and Spokane and on seven college campuses, signboard slogans (and pie contest winners!), and Tales from the Trails!

We’ve got 4 days left to reach our $10k crowdfunding target… you can help!

We’re past the $7,000 mark in our crowdfunding video march to $10,000, and we’ve got 4 days left to raise the remaining $3,000 to support our amazing campaign staff. You can help by donating $22 in honor of Earth Day, or $150 to get a t-shirt, or $250 to get a t-shirt and a signed copy of my Cartoon Climate Change book. Please donate now, every dollar counts!

Send in your signature sheets NOW to add to our April total

Send your petition sheets with 10+ signatures in now to CarbonWA, PO Box 85565, Seattle WA 98145-1565. Please send your sheets with 10+ signatures in even if they’re not full; every signature counts! If you’re sending in one sheet you can just use a regular first-class stamp; if you’re sending in 2-7 sheets you’ll need to use 2 first-class stamps; and if you’re sending in 8+ sheets then go mail it from your local post office and then go have a beer and send me the bill! (And note that all of these assume you’re using a regular sized envelope; for details and alternatives see the USPS postage calculator, and regardless make sure to include a return address!)

New chapters in Ellensburg and Spokane, plus 7 colleges

We’ve now got over 20 chapters around the state, including new chapters in Ellensburg and Spokane, plus college chapters at Whitworth in Spokane; at WWU in Bellingham; at UW Seattle, Seattle U, and North Seattle College in Seattle; and at UPS and PLU in Tacoma. Check out the complete list here on our handy map and get in touch with your local chapter!

Signboards and pie contest winners

We’ve now got three signboard options for volunteers to use while signature gathering. They say:

  • Sign here I-732 for Clean Air & Fair Taxes
  • Sign here I-732 for Clean Energy Now
  • Sign I-732 for a Clean Energy Future

Contact your chapter leader or other campaign contact person for information on how to get a signboard of your choice (it’s best to get them by hand, they’re too big for the mail) and note that if you get two you can use duct tape or mailing tape to create a sandwich board so that your hands are free. (See picture here, and note that I stuck two pieces of mailing tape together so they didn’t stick to everything else.)

Most importantly, the two winners of our slogan contest, each of whom will get a homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie made from scratch by yours truly, are… Patrick O’Keeffe in Pullman and Don Smith in Bellevue. Congratulations to Patrick and Don, and thanks to everyone for your suggestions!

Tales from the Trails

Erika Shriner writes: “Just came back from the sHell no rally in Seattle and the place was full of CarbonWA petition gatherers, which was very impressive to folks there. Kept getting comments like “you guys are everywhere” and ‘looks like you guys are really going for this” which was entry for my comments about the great statewide organization and the excitement and commitment of the grassroots. This was a crowd of enviros and the only reticence I got was when people confused it with Cap & Trade and started talking about their fear that this could be manipulated by corporations. As soon as I explained how the tax would work, totally positive. A very heartening experience.”

Ande Finley writes from the San Juans: “The signature gathering yesterday went incredibly well! Scott, Chris, and I circulated around at the Lopez Center with the Tour de Lopez folks for a little less than 2 hours. Most effective was approaching groups of people, all told we got 126 signatures. I think we’re off to a great start.”

And from Mike Massa, who braved the rain with me to collect signatures at Town Hall last night: “The best encounter I’ve had so far happened on my first outing, near Seattle Central on Earth Day. A gentleman walked right past me as I made my pitch. He got about 20 feet down the sidewalk, then suddenly turned around and came back. After asking about the initiative, he told me that he has a grandson who is almost one year old. He pulled out his phone, and showed me a picture of the cute little guy. In a voice breaking with emotion, he said that he would sign the petition for his grandson. I replied that I had just returned from a trip to meet my newborn niece and nephew. We agreed that taking action on climate change is critical for the next generation. He shook my hand and went on his way. That interaction has inspired me to power on when others respond less positively.”

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