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Bill Finkbeiner, former majority leader in the Washington State Senate, has endorsed Initiative 732. Sponsored by Carbon Washington, I-732 would create a revenue-neutral tax on carbon emissions, reduce the state sales tax and provide other forms of tax relief.

“We’re thrilled to receive Sen. Finkbeiner’s endorsement,” says Yoram Bauman, founder of Carbon Washington. “He’s a great thinker about what will really work to address climate change. It’s also evidence that our approach appeals to both sides of the aisle.”

Finkbeiner has joined Carbon Washington’s Executive Committee.

“Initiative 732 is the state’s best hope to do something meaningful about climate change,” says Finkbeiner. “It’s the only plan that has a good chance of being adopted. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to support it in this way.”

Elected in 1992 to the Washington State House, Finkbeiner served in the Washington State Senate from 1994 to 2006 and was elected Senate Majority Leader in 2003. He has been a state leader on a variety of important issues, including climate change.

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