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Hello carbon tax friends: Lots of progress to report this week!

* Campaign social event in Seattle on the evening of W Aug 27: Our Seattle campaign social event will be on the evening of W Aug 27 at the Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar (1508 11th Ave, near 12th and East Pike on Capitol Hill). Stay tuned for an official event email, but between 6:00 and 8:30 we’ll have socializing, campaign updates, volunteer opportunities, and maybe a bit of comedy. And if you want to hang around until 9pm there will be 3 bands following our event: Chemical Clock, Punishment, and Sister Girlfriend! All ages are welcome but of course the bar is 21+.

* Vicki Chiang joins CarbonWA team: We’re delighted to welcome Vicki Chiang to the CarbonWA team. Vicki has an Environmental Studies degree from UW and recently conducted communication and outreach work with the Washington Environmental Council and Washington Conservation Voters.

* Economist sign-on letter and carbon tax calculator: We’re circulating a sign-on letter from Washington State economists in support of carbon pricing in general and a BC-style revenue-neutral carbon tax in particular. Alex Lenferna ( is leading the charge—and is nearing 30 sign-ons!—so please connect him with any PhD economists you know in the state. Also, the carbon tax calculator continues to move forward, with a beta version due out next month!

* New ballot language: Here’s the new ballot language we got from the Secretary of State’s office in response to the test-run initiative we filed earlier this month. Compared to the previous version, we took out the small-business B&O tax credit section in the hopes of (1) simplifying the measure and (2) getting a specific mention of the Working Families Rebate in the ballot title… and that’s what we got!

Initiative Measure No. 675 concerns taxes. This measure would impose a tax on certain fossil fuels, phase in a one percentage-point retail sales tax reduction, reduce certain manufacturing and processing business taxes, and increase the working families’ tax exemption. Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ].

We are happy with this improvement but will continue to tweak the legal language. Your feedback is welcome in the comments section below, and/or on Facebook and Twitter!!

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  • Danny Edgel says:

    Great work on the ballot language and everything else you do! I’m a huge fan of your work.

    The only thing I would change about the ballot language, however, is the clarity that the tax is revenue-neutral. Reading it without any knowledge of the carbon tax plan, I would think, “that sounds great, but is this going to hurt or help the budget?” It specifies the deductions, but only says “a tax on certain fossil fuels.”

    Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

  • Yoram Bauman says:

    Good point, and thanks for the kind words… but unfortunately we don’t get to write the ballot language. So we may not be able to get “revenue-neutral” into the title…

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