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Hello carbon tax friends:

* Campaign team deliverables: Kyle Murphy and the campaign team are going to make connections with each major college campus in the state by this fall and are also going to secure the endorsement of 10 organizations willing to help with signature gathering. We also want to expand our social media presence, so please Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (Akua Konadu and Ben Silesky are in charge of these accounts and we want to grow them by about 10% per month, heading towards 500 Likes on Facebook and 150 Twitter folllowers by the fall.)

* Policy team update: We are making great progress on our summer policy team deliverables (creating a carbon calculator tool and exploring policy and legal alternatives). More soon on the calculator, and if complicated legislative language is your cup of tea then check out the latest draft (PDF or Word) of our proposal from the Secretary of State’s office. (In a week or two we’ll get the ballot summary that translates this legalese into more-or-less plain English 🙂

* Events: Stay tuned for more information about an August volunteer kick-off event that’s currently under development!

* Readings: “New Polling Shows Support In Northwest For Limits On Greenhouse Gas Emissions” has survey results on carbon pricing from EarthFix. And here’s a cool map of carbon pricing efforts around the world… although as you may have heard Australia just abandoned their effort. And, to end on a more positive note, “Why we need a carbon tax” by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

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