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Hello carbon tax friends:

* Carbon tax calculator release: If you want to be among the first users of the carbon tax calculator, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for an announcement in the next few days! (You’ll also help us reach our social media goals πŸ™‚ And if you’re not on Facebook or Twitter then hang tight for the announcement in next week’s email blast!

* People’s Climate March this weekend: This coming weekend will likely feature the biggest climate rally and march in history, with rallies in Seattle, in Port Angeles, in Walla Walla, and elsewhere around Washington State and around the world calling on the U.N. Climate Summit to act on climate change. CarbonWA will be tabling at the Seattle rally, which starts at Westlake Park on Sunday Sept 21 at 1pm, so come say hello!

* Business outreach: CarbonWA’s Dani Ladyka, Duncan Clauson, Alex Lenferna and I have been working hard to reach out to businesses, and yesterday I had a conversation with a business leader who admitted (off the record for now, but hopefully on the record soon) that a CarbonWA-style carbon tax makes a lot more sense than cap-and-trade, and it reminded me of many similar conversations I’ve had over the years. (One that I can put on the record now that he’s no longer running Microsoft involved former CEO—and Harvard econ major—Steve Ballmer, who came to one of my classes during the federal cap-and-trade debate five years ago and said “I wish they would just do a carbon tax!”) I’ve been thinking about why businesses are so interested in the carbon tax approach… and I think a large part of the answer comes in this quote attributed to Colin Powell: “People don’t like change, but they can manage change. They can’t handle uncertainty. I think it is the job of leaders to eliminate uncertainty.” This is one reason we’re so excited about the carbon tax calculator: the household calculator is coming out soon, and a business calculator is in the works, and they will go a long way towards reducing uncertainty. No other climate policy currently on offer can say that with as much confidence as we can!

* Readings: Carbon taxes feature prominently in an update from Oregon (“Broad outlines of a new carbon tax in Oregon get positive response from legislative committee”, in the Oregonian), in Charles Komanoff’s “Blueprint for Saving the World” in Salon, and in the short film Carbon voiced by Leonardo di Caprio. Also worth reading is Patrick Mazza’s “An Arresting Experience: Doing Direct Action at BNSF Delta Yard”. And of course if you haven’t memorized it yet take another look at Seattle Business magazine’s editorial endorsing CarbonWA!

As always, comments welcome on this blog, and if you haven’t pledged to collect signatures or made a donation then now is a great time! (And you can help us reduce uncertainty by setting up a recurring monthly donation πŸ™‚


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