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Carbon Washington is pleased to announce the campaign has collected 160,000 signatures, over half the required amount, to qualify Initiative 732 for the 2016 ballot. After passing the 100,000 mark in July, the campaign hopes to pass the 170,000 mark by the end of August.

“The campaign’s momentum is building,” said campaign co-director Duncan Clauson. “The public’s response to our proposal has been incredibly inspiring – the people want a price on carbon.”

Since Carbon Washington started collected signatures in April, the number of signatures gathered has dramatically increased:

signature collection graph

The campaign needs 315,000 signatures by the end of the year in order to send the initiative to the legislature. If the legislature refuses to pass the policy, I-732 will go to the voters in November 2016.


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  • Nicholas Whittaker Dankers says:

    Yoram et al!!!!

    Excellent work with the signature gathering and publicity. As a former NEW/Sightline intern (circa 1997-8), I can say with proud reminiscence that I knew Yoram when his most notable publication to date was Ph.D. thesis based on a mathematical pun.*

    Even though my fiancé and I have recently joined the Avant-garde, post-Jacksonian frontier closure and moved to New Hampshire; I look forward to supporting CarbonWA from afar and working towards the eventual adoption of similar policies in the Granite State.

    Live [Fossil Fuel] Free or Die!**

    Thanks for the updates!


    * I recall the Ph.D. thesis title being about how a certain set of mathematical equations “Could Save Your Life!” Thus, the functional constant happened to be “55, as in driving at the speed limit.” Ahh, Reed…

    ** The state motto of NH is displayed on all motorcycle license plates, and seriously, almost no one chooses to wear a helmet. Ummm, Freedom?…

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