I-732 is Good for Washington

I-732 would give Washington the continent’s, if not the world’s, most potent and comprehensive incentive to move beyond dirty fossil fuels to a carbon-free future.

  • I-732 revenue would reduce the state sales tax, aid low-income working families, and protect manufacturing jobs.
  • The I-732 price is right.
  • I-732 covers most of the state’s climate pollution and is designed for the long haul.

CarbonWA, Seattle, I-732

A carbon price starting at $15 and steadily rising to $100 in midcentury will put wind in the sails of Washington’s clean energy economy as nothing else possible. It will hasten the decline of coal; level the playing field for clean renewable energy; motivate companies to squeeze pollution out of their processes; encourage more convenient alternatives to driving alone and more efficient vehicles; concentrate urban growth in dense, walkable communities; and spur investment in clean business and technology innovations.

The I-732 pollution price would amplify other clean energy policies and speed the Evergreen State toward a thriving clean energy economy.