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Hello carbon tax friends: It’s been a few weeks since our last email blast, but we’ve been working hard and have a lot of great news to share:

1) We reached our summer target of 100,000 signature pledges!! Thanks to everyone who helped us get there, and if you haven’t pledged yet, we’re aiming to get at least another 100,000 pledges by the end of the calendar year so make a pledge here to collect signatures between the end of January and the end of June of next year. (We’ll need 325,000 signatures during that time frame to get on the Nov 2014 ballot.)

2) As you can see if you click on the pledge link, we’ve got a revamped website at Check it out and send us feedback via email (or via the Contact Us page of the website 🙂

3) As part of the new website we have some details on our default policy proposal. Thanks to the Policy Group for their work over the summer, and let us know if you’ve got a question that’s not answered on the FAQ page.

4) Also part of the new website is a detailed list of upcoming events. This week we want to emphasize the CLEW hearings (that’s Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup, chaired by Governor Inslee and including State Senators Doug Ericksen (R-42) and Kevin Ranker (D-40) and State Representatives Joe Fitzgibbon (D-34) and Shelly Short (R-7)) on W Oct 16 in Spokane, W Oct 23 in Seattle, and F Dec 6 in Olympia. More details on how and where at our Events page, and if you’re going to these hearings please let us know and please emphasize that the revenue-neutral carbon tax in British Columbia has done a terrific job of reducing emissions without slowing economic growth and that Governor Inslee and other CLEW members should do more to study and advocate for a similar revenue-neutral carbon tax in Washington State!

We’ve got even more great news to share, but that’s enough for now. (And, with our progress plus late-breaking news elsewhere, please forgive us if we send out an extra email or two in the weeks ahead!)

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