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Hello carbon tax friends: Three new developments as we round the home stretch of our push to 100,000 signatures by the end of July:

Weekend extension of July!

A handful of folks have asked for a weekend “extension” of July that would allow you to postmark or otherwise turn in July signatures on Monday August 3rd. I was initially hesitant to do this because I didn’t know of any precedent that involved changing calendar dates one way or the other… but then someone reminded me of the introduction of the Gregorian calendar by Pope Gregory XIII: in order to correct the “calendar drift” that had affected the Julian calendar over the previous millennium, the Pope issued a papal bull proclaiming that the day after Thursday Oct 4, 1582, would be Friday October 15, 1582!

That reminded me that Pope Francis had recently issued an encyclical about climate change (which is probably his biggest worldly concern other than social justice, and of course Carbon Washington does great on both climate action and social justice), so after discussing the matter with campaign staff and other relevant parties, I am happy to announce that as far as the campaign is concerned July will end on this coming Sunday, so we will count towards July signatures any signatures that are postmarked or otherwise turned in by Monday.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication as we head towards 100,000 signatures, and FYI as of Thursday our current grand total was 99,315! With your help we’re going to make it! (Turn in your July signature pages to your local coordinator, or bring them by the office (1914 N 34th St, Suite 407), or mail them to us (CarbonWA; PO Box 85565; Seattle WA 98145-1565); we’ll announce the totals next week so fill up your sheets this weekend and send them in on Monday!

Inslee’s climate news

In other news, Jay Inslee just announced he is beginning a year long process to develop a cap on carbon emissions. We are hopeful that a regulatory cap can be a useful and efficient tool in reducing carbon emissions and we will be watching closely as the details surrounding breadth, legality, and targets emerge over the years. Make no mistake though, we are moving full speed ahead, as the time for watching, waiting and hoping has long since passed. We need I-732 now as much as ever. We need an economy wide carbon price, we need to increase the fairness of our tax code, we need a citizens movement on climate, and we need to take a swing at the ball in 2016!

So where does that leave us? In the same place we were in on Tuesday: If you support the Alliance then God bless you, if you’re on the fence then get off the fence, and if you support Carbon Washington then keep your eye on the ball!

What’s that we hear? A party is near?

Mark your calendar for the evening of Tuesday, August 18th, at the Pike Market for an evening shindig with CarbonWA. Stay tuned for an official invite outlining special guests, speakers, prizes, and other details. Bring your friends, bring yourself, and start getting excited for what promises to be a raucous night of uplifting fun. But seriously, bring your friends, all of them.


Yoram & the CarbonWA Team

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