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Update: The email blast version of this post forgot to include the link to our job posting. Sorry!

Hello carbon tax friends: The end of May is in sight, so collect a few more signatures at upcoming events and then turn in your signature pages… plus come to economics comedy events in Seattle on W May 27 and Olympia W June 17… plus thought-provoking readings and fun Tales from the Trails. And—oh yeah—CarbonWA is hiring!

Turn in your signatures now for our May count!

Next week we’ll be releasing our end-of-May totals for signature-gathering and fundraising, so that means we need you to turn in your signature pages to your local coordinator (or if you’d rather you can bring them to the office at 1914 N 34th St, Suite 407 or mail them to us at CarbonWA; PO Box 85565; Seattle WA 98145-1565. As long as you’ve got 10 signatures or more on a page, please send it in… and let us know if we can send you more signature pages (or other materials including handheld signs, buttons, stickers, and information half-sheets).

With our end-of-May totals we’ll also be updating our signature-gathering Hall of Fame. I don’t want to step on the punch line but let me just say that we’ll have many new inductees to the 250 Club! If you’re near that number (or any number!) please turn in any page that’s got at least 10 signatures on it so that we can count it towards our May total. If you have any questions please ask your local coordinator or email And remember: If everyone completes just one more sheet and mails it in by May 31 we will blow our May goal out of the water!

Events and signature-gathering opportunities (and make a pledge for June!)

Check the calendars for signature-gathering opportunities at SIFF and beyond, or to suggest your own! (And here’s an RSVP form for Seattle events!)

Also, I’ll be doing some economics comedy (and of course talking carbon taxes) at events in Seattle tomorrow night (W May 27, details and RSVP here, it’s free but space is limited!) and in Olympia on the evening of W June 17 (details coming but mark your calendar!). Holler if you’re interested in something similar for your school/company/group/etc!

And we’ve got a Vashon Island chapter starting up, first meeting is tomorrow night (W May 27) from 7:30-9:00pm at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit (15420 Vashon Hwy SW, just across the main highway from the Community Care Center). For more details, or if you want to be in the loop but can’t make it tomorrow night, email

And, since June is nearly upon us, you can help the campaign by making a signature pledge for June of any size! This helps give us the information necessary to make effective campaign strategy. So make your pledge now! Over 20 people have already pledged 100 signatures for June in Seattle, and its not even June yet!

CarbonWA is hiring!

Our volunteer signature-gathering effort is going great (thanks to you and to our amazing staff, including super-intern Savannah Kinzer).. and our fundraising is going great (thanks to you and to our Events Fundraising lead Ellen Lockert).. and in fact we’re ahead of schedule and under budget (I guess that makes us the anti-Bertha)… and we keep hearing from high school and college students and recent graduates who want to do more for the campaign but need a bit of cash flow… and so we’re hiring! One dollar a signature is not going to make you rich, but it will keep you afloat, so if you’re keen on collecting at least 1000 signatures a month during the summer (about 15 hours a week at 20 signatures an hour) please check out our job posting and then email with the information requested in the job posting. It’s not an easy job, but you’ll get to talk to folks about climate change and carbon pricing, and as an added bonus I promise to try to teach you everything I know about environmental economics!

PS. We are excited that we have a little bit of extra budget room to hire a few more folks, but let’s be clear: this still is (and will continue to be) a volunteer led operation!


Our Readings section is intended to share a variety of views, including those critical of our approach, and one such is “Any Carbon Policy Must Meet the Equity Test” by Nicole Keenan of Puget Sound SAGE. (Our perspective is that our policy will be the biggest equity improvement to the Washington State tax system since the 1977 ballot measure that eliminated the sales tax on food, but we encourage you to read both articles—as well as other articles like “When Taxes Aren’t a Drag” from the NY Times–and then make up your own mind!)

Other readings: As we head towards the end of one 30-day special session in the state legislature (and probably the beginning of another) we’ve got criticism of the House and Senate transportation bills from WashPIRG and Sightline (“Six reasons to reject state transportation packages”) and criticism of the new cap-and-trade proposal in the state House from Todd Myers of the free-market Washington Policy Center. (Although Todd is on our Advisory Board please note that his views are his own and that Carbon Washington continues to position itself as a “relief pitcher”.) More gloominess comes from Danny Westneat in the Seattle Times: “Taxes on carbon or cap-and-trade systems are believed to be the best hopes to drive major changes in our energy use, and to limit greenhouse emissions… Yet through complete Democratic control when Chris Gregoire was governor, and now partial Democratic control with Jay Inslee as governor, we haven’t tried any of this.” Finally, on the positive side here’s “How British Columbia Gained By Putting a Price on Carbon” from Yale360 plus a nice post on CarbonWA from communications PhD Mark DeLaurier: “Taking the initiative on carbon”.

Tales from the Trails

* David Foutch sends in this photo and says: “I put up a table at a Memorial Day BBQ – 20 signatures with almost no effort.”

* Jack from Seattle write: “I took signature boards with me on a Meetup hike I recently joined and collected over 20 signatures while waiting at the trailhead for the group to assemble. Consider taking signature boards at any Meetup event you attend. Outdoor oriented people are usually favorably inclined to environmental efforts such as ours.”

* Eastlake Mike writes: Sometimes you meet the nicest people while out canvassing. Like this afternoon at Gasworks Park in Seattle. A group of 20 fabulously dressed women, about to graduate from UW, arrived for a group photo op. And they needed a photographer. I volunteered, then got their signatures. All in a day’s work for CarbonWA.

* And my own Tale from the Trail: Following Erika Shriner’s brilliant “2 signatures a day” plan, I now carry a signature sheet everywhere, and while enjoying the Big Moses pizza at Ballard Pizza Company I rested a sheet on the ledge behind my table… and the hostess (Sydney was her name) came by to say that she was too young to sign the petition this year but that she totally supported what we were doing… and that she’d be able to vote in November 2016!

Please send your Tales from the Trails, good or bad, to me at (please cc: if you can), and as always comments are welcome on the blog, or via Facebook or Twitter.




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