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Hello carbon tax friends: I know I already sent out this week’s email blast, but there’s big news (plus I didn’t send out an email last week, so I’m cap-and-trading 🙂

Seattle Times column and op-ed: One of our eight winter deliverables is to become part of the conversation, and as proof of progress we’ve just got back-to-back appearances in the Seattle Times, with Danny Westneat’s column (“Save the planet, tell a joke”) in today’s paper plus an op-ed by Joe Ryan and yours truly (“A bipartisan approach to climate action”) in tomorrow’s paper. (And FYI there’s a wall between the editorial page and the rest of the paper, so the two items weren’t coordinated; revene-neutral carbon taxes are just in the air!)

You can help: Share the articles with your neighbors and with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Send in a letter to the editor (200 words or less to; include your full name, address, and phone number for verification). And if you read the Times online you know that there are terribly cynical trolls who write nasty comments about everything, so go to the comments sections of the column and especially the op-ed and chime in with optimism and support! Citizens Climate Lobby (which we made sure to send a shout-out to in our op-ed) sets the standard for this kind of engagement, so please help Carbon Washington match their pace!

More big news: We’ve got more big news to announce, and we’ll first make it public at the 2015 Seattle Kickoff event that CarbonWA’s Dani Ladyka just confirmed at Fado’s Irish Pub in downtown Seattle on T Jan 13 from 6-8pm. Details here, and Yes in addition to reading about CarbonWA back-to-back in the Times you can spend back-to-back nights with CarbonWA next week because the next night (W Jan 14) at 5:30pm there’s the UW panel discussion I’ll be on with KC Golden and Todd Myers, plus drinks afterwards at Big Time Brewery.

As always comments welcome on the blog or via Facebook and Twitter.



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