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Hello carbon tax friends:

* We still need your financial support to bring young activists on board for the summer and beyond, so as an inducement I’m offering up a free signed copy of my new book (The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change) for people who donate $100 to CarbonWA on or before May 29. Look, I’ve already pledged all of my royalties for this year (up to $10k) to CarbonWA, so I’ll be shameless about plugging the book: it isn’t even officially released yet, so you’ll get one of the very first copies… except for the ones that went to reviewers like Jim Hansen and Marty Weitzman who loved the book. (Just the other day there was this from Kirkus Review.) Yes, you can wait until June 5 to buy it from your local bookstore, or from Amazon, or at my Seattle Town Hall, but donate $100 to CarbonWA and you’ll get a signed copy now. Plus you’ll help CarbonWA hire some great staff members, so the book is really just like getting a sales tax reduction on top of a carbon tax! 🙂

* I’ll be joining state legislators Doug Ericksen and Joe Fitzgibbon for a cap-and-trade debate in Bellingham tonight! (Some amusing and informative background here from Cascadia Weekly, including a nice plug for carbon taxes, and BTW folks in Bellingham who wonder about all those cars with BC license plates filling up at the Costco should read my latest Sightline post on “Cross-border fill-ups and the BC carbon tax”.), Then in early June I’m joining Todd Myers and others for a Seattle Chamber / WA Clean Tech Alliance lunch panel on carbon taxes on M June 9, and then a Seattle Town Hall that same evening. (Yes, the same Town Hall that you can skip by donating $100 to CarbonWA!)

* For readings, I recommend “Let’s Tax Carbon” (from the right-of-center Weekly Standard, which says “it’s the worst form of energy policy, except for all those others that have been tried”), a article on “How two ExxonMobil and Sierra Club lawyers agreed on a carbon tax”, and (from the New Yorker) “How to laugh at climate change”.

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