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Hello carbon tax friends: Lots of great news to report this week!

Moneybomb: When we launched our moneybomb at the beginning of the month we had just over $13,000 in the bank. Our balance is now just shy of $85,000, and we have pledges for $20,000 more… meaning that we are within sight of meeting our winter deliverable of having $100k in the bank. So let’s take a moment to celebrate: The moneybomb brought in almost 100 donations (thank you!) totaling $7,785. Of that amount, $595 came as recurring monthly donations, so counting those as 10x means a moneybomb grand total of $13,140. (It also means that our recurring donors now total16 pledges for a total of $1350 a month.) And as promised in our moneybomb email, major donors added checks and pledges to bring us to where we are now, with $85k in the bank and pledges for $20k more. Great work!

Reality check: Don’t let the cash haul distract you from the truth: this is still a grassroots volunteer-driven effort, and you can help by making a signature gathering pledge for yourself or your group! More on this in the weeks ahead, but note that our winter deliverables include getting pledges for 200,000 signatures as we move towards gathering 315,000 signatures starting in April 2015. And extra thanks to Dick S. and Randall B. for making signature pledges during the moneybomb!

Polling: The latest G-Squared poll reports that “a majority of likely voters, at 53.7 percent, said they support a carbon tax if offset by lower sales and business taxes, while only 32.6 percent are opposed. A California-style cap-and-trade approach to carbon reduction also received a plurality of support at 51.4 percent, with 38.5 percent opposed.”

Calculator: The carbon tax swap calculator now includes a detailed methodology document. And it’s starting to generate some buzz, including this from UW Today.  So give the calculator a try and post your results here on our blog an/or on Facebook and Twitter. (While you’re at it make sure to add to our 600+ Likes on Facebook and 129 Followers on Twitter!)

More media: Great letters to the editor of the latest Seattle Business magazine from Jack Schwager and Kerry Kahl, plus this UW economics department profile of CarbonWA’s Dani Ladyka!

Request for videography help: If you’ve got videography skills that you can donate in January and/or February, please email for more details!

Inslee proposal: Lots of hints but no firm details about Inslee’s climate proposal. Apparently it’s going to be a cap-and-trade proposal, it’s going to put new revenue towards transportation projects, maybe also new revenue towards schools, and did we mention new revenue? More on this next week, but as of today we have a press release announcing a “new, market-based program that… will generate about $1 billion in the first year, and more thereafter, which will be used for transportation, education, tax relief for working families and other purposes.”

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