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Hello carbon tax friends: Summer is leading to winter, and our successful summer deliverables have led to these new winter deliverables, which will be the focus of our efforts in the months ahead:

1. We will work with volunteers to set up 20 chapters around the state as we move to roll out a statewide campaign, connecting with CCL chapters and other climate groups, with student groups at colleges and universities, with churches and other faith groups, and with ad hoc groups that just want to support Carbon Washington! You can help by emailing me or about starting up a chapter in your area. We intend to borrow from the CCL model, with focused tasks, limited time commitment, and solid accomplishments like Seattle CCL chapter member Fran Koehler’s letter to the editor that was just published in the New York Times!

2. We will become part of the conversation as discussion of climate policy heats up in Washington State. Our target is 10 media hits, including articles focused on the CarbonWA campaign (like our endorsement from Seattle Business magazine) and articles on state climate policy (like “By the Numbers: Reducing Carbon Emissions in Washington State” from the Washington Business Alliance, which notes that “the organization Carbon Washington is leading support for a revenue-neutral carbon tax”) as well as articles that mention the campaign more tangentially (like this NPR story on my comedy). The carbon tax swap calculator is going to be another big draw for media stories, and you can help by completing and commenting on the carbon tax swap calculator (which by the way is going to receive continuing improvements as well as an expansion to include a tax-swap calculator for businesses).

3. We will get pledges for 200,000 signatures as we move towards gathering 300,000 signatures starting in April 2015. You can help by making a signature gathering pledge for yourself or your group.

4. We will continue connecting with businesses, organizations, and economists as we build support for the campaign. We will expand our list of endorsements to 10 organizations and businesses, push the number of signers of our economist letter from 30 to 50, and open lines of communication with 10 major businesses and business organizations. If your business or organization wants to show their support for Carbon Washington please email me or Duncan Clauson at

5. We will raise $100,000 as we move towards hiring staff, printing off initiative petitions, etc. You can help by setting up a one-time or monthly donation for whatever you are comfortable with, whether it’s $10 a month or $200 a month. Remember that our campaign ends in November 2016 and that you don’t need to continue giving unless we’re continuing to impress you with our progress!

6. We will finalize our legal language as we head towards filing an Initiative to the Legislature on March 11, 2015 and gathering signatures to put our measure before the legislature in January 2016 and (if they don’t approve it) before the voters in November 2016. The latest draft we filed with the Secretary of State is Initiative 702, which received this ballot title: Initiative Measure No. 702 concerns taxes. This measure would impose a tax on certain fossil fuels, phase in a one percentage-point retail sales tax reduction, reduce certain taxes on manufacturing and processing, and increase the working families’ tax exemption. Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ].

7. We will continue to expand our social media presence with a target of expanding by 5% each month our 570 Facebook likes and 100 Twitter followers, plus growing our email newsletter (this newsletter!) by 10 sign-ons a month. You can help by sharing our news on Facebook and Twitter and by forwarding our email newsletter (this newsletter!) to your friends and encouraging them to sign on at

8. We will review and update our website and our printed materials as we build up signature-gathering support materials: an events calendar, how-to videos and information, signboards, tabling supplies, etc. You can help by providing feedback and by telling us what we can do to support your CarbonWA chapter or your other efforts on behalf of the campaign!

That’s it… 8 deliverables! Stay tuned for more in the weeks and months ahead, and as always comments welcome on the blog or via Facebook and Twitter.

PS. For those of you in the Seattle area, I’m giving a book talk on T Nov 4 at 7pm at University Bookstore on The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change. And those of you who remember that I pledged all of my royalties for the year to Carbon Washington will know why I just wrote the campaign a check for $2,339.88! That’s for the first half of this year, so I’m excited to see what sales are like during the second half of the year, and by the way I’m still happy to send a signed copy to you if you make a donation to Carbon Washington of at least $100… or a monthly contribution of just $20!


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