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Hello carbon tax friends: Before you do anything else go read this terrific article in the Yakima Herald: “Proposal would shift the tax burden on state carbon emissions”. And if that’s not enough good news then read on for our August totals and our plans for September. The rains are coming, but hopefully not yet, so let’s get signatures while the getting is good! That’s especially true for Labor Day weekend coming up, so please check the signature-gathering calendars (in particular here’s Seattle RSVP and Bellevue RSVP forms), reach out to friends and family and neighbors, tell folks about our job posting (including our CarbonWA scholarship for high school or college students you know who are looking for a bit of cash), connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, volunteer to make phone calls from your home or help out around the campaign office or help with your local chapter, etc.

August signature totals

Our official end-of-July total was 106,338 signatures, and although we’re still waiting for a few sheets to come in, our approximate end-of-August total is 180,000 signatures. Great work getting over 70,000 signatures in August (see below for new additions to the 250 Club) and let’s keep it up for September: The time is now to gather signatures while the weather is good (fingers crossed that the Labor Day forecast holds), so September is crucial!

Rainy day options

As the rains approach I want to highlight a few options if you’re stuck inside with the CarbonWA itch:

1) Draft an op-ed or Letter to the Editor of your local paper: our communications team (led by Lindsey Klemp, will be happy to help you polish it up!

2) Help with data entry: [Update: See here for the latest on data entry.] Database wizard Josh Carroll is helping us turn PDFs of completed signature pages (over 10,000 pages!) into Excel spreadsheets with names and addresses so that we can check that signers are registered voters, etc. This project will take about 2,000 person-hours, but it’s divided into 10-page chunks that should take 1-to-2 hours each, so if that sounds good to you then email me ( and I’ll get you connected. Transcribe 2000 signatures (10 chunks with 10 pages each) and Executive Committee member Ramez Naam will send you a signed copy of Nexus, volume 1 of his sci-fi trilogy. (Transcribe 5000 signatures and you’ll get the whole trilogy!)

3) Set up a signature sheet at your local coffee shop, bookstore, bike store, etc. Even in the rain–especially in the rain!–you can reach out to local businesses to see if they’ll keep a petition sheet on their counter. The bottom line is that op-eds and data entry are good, but ultimately what we need are signatures! And, speaking of which…

250 Club

Congratulations to our new members of the 250 Club (and please contact us if you don’t already have your CarbonWA t-shirt!): Robin Briggs, Savannah Kinzer, Raphael Ladmer-Price, Galen LaPlante, Ron Lindsey, Rob Marsh, and Phil Mitchell  in Seattle (joining previous Seattle members Kyle Conyers, Chris Covert-Bowlds, John C., Sean Kraft, Alex Lenferna, and Fritz Wollett); Scott Finley on San Juan Island (joining Gretchen Allison); and Peter Dufault in Yakima (joining Chuck Foster and Eleanor Hungate). They join previous 250 Club members Heidi Cody in Vancouver; Bruce Bonifaci and Omie Kerr with Climate Action Bainbridge; five supporters from east King County (David Chapin, France Giddings, Eric Hanson, Marilyn Mayers, Court Olson, and Laura Rivendell); five supporters from Olympia (Thad Curtz, Betty Hauser, Penny P., Carole Richmond, and Susan Sunshine); Dick Stockment in Port Townsend; Larry Lowther in Ellensburg; and Gary Piazzon on Whidbey Island. (Update: Also Bruce Flory from Seattle!)

Double congratulations to folks who have hit 500 signatures: Anne Shields (Update: and Julia Robinson!) in Seattle, joining David Foutch, John Lombard, Alan Ness, and campaign co-director Duncan Clauson; three members from Climate Action Bainbridge (Herb Hethcote, Mary Clare Kersten, and Alex Mezentsev); six supporters from Bellingham (Andy Day, David Gary, Dave Hopkinson, Ben Larson, John Whitmer, and staffer Rheanna Johnston); Chom Greacen from Lopez Island; and Chris Diehl and staffer Jason Puracal from east King County.

Quadruple congratulations to Louise Stonington from east King County, Aaron Tam at UW Seattle, Ande Finley from Lopez Island, staffer David Jackman in Bellingham, and Cheryl Hunter, Gerlind Jenkner (who gathered 820 signatures in August!), and Erika Shriner of Climate Action Bainbridge for joining the 1,000-signature club. They join Brian Anderson of Climate Action Bainbridge and a mess of Seattle folks (Bob Jeffers-Schroeder, Mike Massa, Ben Pfeiffer, yours truly, campaign co-director Kyle Murphy, and Seattle staffers Ben Silesky and Laurel Wolf).

Upcoming events

I’ll be in Walla Walla on M Sept 7, giving a talk at Whitman at 7pm (Maxey auditorium, free and open to the public), then in Wenatchee on Sun Sept 20 at 7pm (part of Climate Conversations North Central Washington, email me [] for details), Yakima on M Sept 21 (house party fundraiser, email Sara Cate at for details), and Spokane on W Sept 23 (and maybe also WSU in Pullman!). Holler if you have ideas or want to meet up while I’m in town!


That Yakima Herald article is so good you should read it again: “Proposal would shift the tax burden on state carbon emissions”. And keep your eye out for a column by Greg “Pigou Club” Mankiw in this Sunday’s New York Times!


As always, comments are welcome via Facebook or Twitter, and please send your Tales from the Trails, good or bad, to me at (please cc: if you can).

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