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Jigar Shah, nationally respected renewable energy business leader, has endorsed Washington State Initiative 732. “Putting a solid price on carbon pollution, as Carbon Washington’s I-732 does, would massively accelerate the shift to clean energy.” says Shah, who advocates using innovative business models, combined with smart policies, to rapidly scale up deployment of current renewable energy technologies in an economically sustainable way.


Carbon Washington has reached its signature goal of 330,000 signatures, reporting a total of 334,000 signatures in-hand! 246,372 valid signatures are needed to qualify I-732, so campaign staff is pushing towards a stretch goal of 350,000 to build up a signature cushion.


Only 11 days remain until the campaign reaches the November 30th signature deadline. As of Friday, November 20th, the campaign has reported having a total of 316,950 signatures, needing only 13,050 additional signatures to reach the campaign goal of 330,000. (more…)

310,960 people have signed on for a better and brighter Washington! As of Friday, November 13th, the I-732 campaign only needs an additional 19,040 signatures to reach the overall signature goal of 330,000. (more…)

Dear Climate Heroes,

We’re almost over the finish line! Last week we turned in a quarter of a million signatures to the Secretary of State’s office and as of this week we’ve collected 304,057 signatures.

But we need a final push! To be absolutely sure that our initiative will quality after invalid signatures are removed, we’re pushing to 330,000 signatures and beyond. (more…)

Carbon Washington has surpassed 300,000 signatures! With only four weeks left to gather signatures, the campaign total currently stands at 304,057. Only 25,943 more signatures is needed to reach our goal of 330,000 by the end of the month. (more…)

As of October 30th, the I-732 campaign has reported having a total of 294,864 signatures. While only 247,000 signatures are needed in order to qualify for the ballot, the campaign is hoping to collect a total of 330,000 by November 30th in order to compensate for signatures deemed invalid. (more…)

Yesterday, the campaign announced a signature count of 282,735, meaning there’s only 47,265 signatures left to go! The campaign goal of 330,000 is set to be reached by November 30th (!!!). (more…)

I-732 has collected a total of 270,398we’ve got 59,602 left to go! The campaign’s overall signature goal of 330,000 is set to be reached by November 30th(more…)

We have reached an incredible milestone – 256,471 signatures. We would not be here without our incredible volunteers, whose hard work and dedication have been unbelievably inspiring. While we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, there is still a lot of work to achieve our signature goal of 330,000. Join supporters, like Krist Novoselic and Ramez Naam, in helping us cross the finish line. Not only would I-732 put the strongest price on carbon in the nation, it would also be the most progressive shift in Washington’s tax system since the 1977 ballot measure exempted groceries from the sales tax. (more…)