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put a price on it

Hello, carbon tax friends. If this is your first email newsletter, welcome, and be sure to check out, visit our FAQ page, or join a chapter near you to be a part of the movement! 

“If there was one thing I would like to see, it would be for us to be able to price the cost of carbon emissions.”





Study by Washington State University finds I-732 will increase the value of output in the agricultural and forestry sectors by 1.76% and 0.11%, respectively

SEATTLE, June 27, 2016 – A Working Paper published by the Washington State University School of Economic Sciences concludes that the tax swap created by I-732 will not only reduce pollution, but will also create a net economic benefit for the agricultural and forestry sectors in Washington State. The report, How Does Washington State Initiative 732 Impact the Agriculture and Forestry Sectors?, is now online at


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A Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Ballot Measure Campaign for Washington State


Hello carbon tax friends: If this is your first email newsletter, welcome, and be sure to check out, visit our FAQ page, or join a chapter near you to be a part of the movement! 

The dust is settling.

One of our long-standing goals at CarbonWA has been to move the issue of climate change away from hyper-partisanship and towards a discussion of solutions, even if it requires shaking up the political arena. As the political dust begins to settle around who is supporting and opposing I-732, we think we can earnestly say the political arena has been successfully shaken.



The Association of Washington Business (AWB) is missing an opportunity to help move Washington State toward a more prosperous and sustainable future. Initiative 732 is a policy that is both pro-environment and pro-business. It will help Washington businesses in three important ways

  • Business managers currently face a great deal of uncertainty about how the transition to a lower-carbon economy will impact their operations. Adopting I-732 would reduce that uncertainty by setting a predictable price on carbon pollution and satisfying Washington’s obligations under the federal Clean Power Plan.


DSC06452Print and digital publications around the state have been running letters to the editor from I-732 supporters. Here’s a sample:

“The dominant themes of last weekend’s news (exploding oil trains and 90 degree heat waves) can be expected to return again and again until we finally get serious about our moral obligation to take action on climate change.” — Herb Hethcote, Bainbridge Island (Bainbridge Island Review)


Sen. Steve Litzow, R-41

SEATTLE, June 17, 2016 – Republican Senator Steve Litzow, a long-time resident of Mercer Island serving the 41st District since 2010, today announced his endorsement of Initiative 732, demonstrating growing bipartisan support for the policy. Sen. Litzow joins former Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Finkbeiner and a number of Democratic legislators who have already endorsed I-732, including Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, chair of the House Environment Committee. They are part of growing community of leading climate scientists, business leaders, economists, public officials, and social and environmental leaders supporting I-732. A full list of endorsements can be found here(more…)

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Hello, carbon tax friends: Please forgive this extra email blast, but I couldn’t help it: the news this weekend will be dominated by exploding oil trains and heat waves and that combination makes for a fabulous opportunity to write a Letter to the Editor… so will you take 15 minutes to help spread the message that we have a moral obligation to act on climate change and that you’re going to vote Yes on I-732?


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Last week we told you that it’s on. We showed you how we win by the numbers. And now all we have to do is follow through. We need to connect the dots in the minds of voters who care about climate action. Sometimes that means we get to have fun! This last weekend we had two stellar teams of volunteers out at Sasquatch Music Festival in George, WA, and at Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle.

 (more…) climate graphic just posted a story about “6 ballot initiatives to watch in 2016.” Author Matt Stannard calls I-732 “absolutely the most important initiative in the country.”

From the story: “At the top of the list is the first and only carbon tax and rebate initiative in the United States, an idea championed by a variety of advocates across a wide ideological spectrum. Over a two-year period, Initiative 732 would institute a $25 per metric ton of CO2 consumed in the state. The proposal also reduces state sales taxes across the board by 1 percent; this makes sense because sales taxes are regressive for no socially defensible reason, while the carbon tax at least has a purpose. Even better, the proposal provides up to $1,500 per year in the form of a tax rebate to 400,000 of the lowest-income Washingtonians – the people most likely to fear a post-carbon transition for legitimate economic reasons.”


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Let’s be real for a minute. We keep hearing from politically connected folks within the liberal community that they can’t actively support I-732 because the polling isn’t good enough, or that our scrappy new organization isn’t big and strong enough to get it done. We’ve got two messages for the fence sitters and opponents that want to see climate action but are afraid of making the leap with I-732.