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Hello carbon tax friends: This week I’ve got a double whammy (being sick and having primary childcare responsibilities) so this update will be brief.

Signature update

We’re at 347,258 signatures and counting (up from 339,375 last week), so please turn in or mail in every single signature you have as we push towards our stretch goal of 350,000! Our mailing address is PO Box 85565, Seattle WA 98145-1565, or if you want to visit the office in person we’re at 1914 N 34th St, Suite 407, near Gas Works Park in Seattle, office phone 206-632-1805. We will be doing our final signature turn-in at Secretary of State’s office in Olympia on W Dec 30, so that’s our drop-dead no-kidding-around final deadline… and email me if you’re interested in joining the turn-in. Also please join us in a signature gathering finale that coincides with the release of the new Star Wars movie this weekend. (See in particular the dates and locations in the Seattle calendar here, and BTW the movie is sold out at Seattle’s 570-seat Cinerama theater for the next week or two… and apparently it’s pretty good 🙂


The Olympian reports on “New Puget Sound climate study: Older projections coming true, more changes ahead”. Scott Lehigh has a syndicated column that ran in the Seattle Times and elsewhere on “The carbon tax: An idea with real appeal” and CleanTechnica has “US Carbon Tax Bill Attracts Interest Of Republicans”. (See also “The Bipartisan Case for a Carbon Tax” in US News.) In the NYT, Thomas Friedman’s “Paris Climate Accord Is a Big, Big Deal” emphasizes that a price on carbon is the “Holy Grail”, and closes with “Paris was necessary. A price on carbon will make it sufficient.” (See also the Seattle Times editorial on the Paris agreement.)

As always, comments are welcome on the blog, or via Facebook or Twitter. Stay healthy everyone!

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