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Hello carbon tax friends:

I’m happy to announce that Denis Hayes, Bullitt Foundation president and organizer of the first Earth Day, has joined our Advisory Board! And, not to get all 1970s on everyone, but I think it’s worth emphasizing that climate change activism has plenty of room for grassroots efforts like ours, especially ones that follow the advice of the five Republican heads of the EPA who wrote in last week’s NY Times that ” a market-based approach, like a carbon tax, would be the best path to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.” You can join our effort by:

* Pledging to collect signatures during the Feb-June 2014 time frame. This is crucial if we’re going to get on the Nov 2014 ballot!

* Attending and spreading the word about upcoming events:
—Th Aug 8 at 6pm: Presentation in Fremont (currently all booked up, but email me about the next one)
—Th Aug 15 at 7pm: Presentation (with a bit of comedy) in West Seattle (details and RSVP here),
—Tue Aug 20 at 7pm: Comedy and carbon taxes as part of a a Seattle event at Seattle U, Wyckoff Auditorium, Engineering building.
—Sun Aug 18 3-6pm: Claire is hosting a CarbonWA open house in Phinney (details and RSVP here).

* Helping out with the campaign: In particular, we’re looking for help with event planning, so if that’s up your alley please contact Claire. Ditto if you’re at a college or university and want to help organize an event at your school this fall!

* Making a donation. As you can see from some of the previous links, we’re slowing starting to roll out our new database software and website, and it includes this easy donations page. (Yes it works, and Yes we now take credit cards!) Please contribute if you can, stay tuned for ongoing improvements, and thanks to the generous donors who helped us move forward with this!


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