Campaign News


Ballots are out and voting has begun! This is it, everyone. As the philosopher Seneca said – “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

We are prepared and we have a tremendous opportunity. Say it out loud with us, “we can win”. We can win!

Donations matched up to 20K to put I-732 on TV so WE CAN WIN! 

Like we said last week, the doors and the phones are our best play – but not our only play. We are finally getting a little bit of air support, in part thanks to our bird loving friends over at Audubon WA, for our ground game. They’ve created a simple but fun ad for I-732 but we need your help to get it before voters! Check out the ad on Youtube and tell us what you think in the comment section then read on to help us get it on TV.

A donor has put up $20,000 as a match if we can raise it by 10/30 specifically for CarbonWA to push this ad out to undecided voters on TV. I-732 supporters have already managed to get the ad on TV in a few spots but they can’t run it for longer than a handful of days as it stands now. If we complete this match we can get this ad on the air for an additional day – maybe even two.

Can you give at this critical time to get YES ON 732 on TV?

For a better sense of what your individual gift can do – it’s highly variable but it costs about $1,000 per showing on TV. So, your gift of:

$1,000 buys a whole 30 second ad! (Bears, birds, otters, Baby, Yes on I-732 – the whole meal-deal!)

$500 buys the first half of an ad (a lot of bears, horses, and birds!)

$100 buys the closing seconds (of the adorable baby and the Yes on I-732 page)

$30 buys one head bob of an otter!

New Elway Poll Shows WE CAN WIN! 

Local pollster Stuart Elway has just released another poll showing I-732 has gained 6 points (new results have 40% of voters say YES, 32% NO, and 28% UNDECIDED) compared to an August Elway poll that had 34% of voting say YES. That’s still not quite as strong as the early October KOMO poll that had I-732 with 42% of voters saying YES but the important thing to track is movement with the same pollster. This new Elway poll shows we are making progress but we’ve got to speed it up (the best way to help this happen is to donate – see above – or to volunteer – see below).

Election night party reminder! 

I-732 Election Night Party

Tuesday, November 8th

6:30 – 9:30 PM

Peddler Brewing Company

1514 NW Leary Way, Seattle WA, 98107.

Finally, for the sake of the climate and all the things that depend on it – we need you to volunteer right now!! Please sign up to doorbell, flyer, or phonebank. 

Let’s win!

From the whole Yes on 732 team