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Dear Climate Heroes,

We’re almost over the finish line! Last week we turned in a quarter of a million signatures to the Secretary of State’s office and as of this week we’ve collected 304,057 signatures.

But we need a final push! To be absolutely sure that our initiative will quality after invalid signatures are removed, we’re pushing to 330,000 signatures and beyond.

To do that, we need a last infusion of funds!

We put this need to our Executive Committee, and they’re willing to pony up, if you do.

Our Executive Committee members are willing to match every donation made between now and November 21st, up to $50,000 total, out of their own pockets.

That’s right. The people who give their time and effort to help lead Carbon WA are going to dip into their own pockets (again), to match every dollar you donate in the next two weeks, up to that $50,000 mark.

All you have to do is click here to donate. Or send a check to PO Box 85565 | Seattle, WA 98145-1565.

And let’s be clear here: If you don’t do this, no one else will. Carbon Washington wasn’t founded by politicians or wealthy executives, it wasn’t created in high-rises, boardrooms, or in Olympia. CarbonWA was created in classrooms and living rooms, by students, activists, academics, and concerned citizens. We realized we couldn’t wait any longer for someone else to address climate change, we realized we were the ones we’d been waiting for all along. We believe that ordinary citizens have the power to change our state, our country, and our world.

Our funding, like everything else, has been grass roots. It’s come from more than 1,000 ordinary citizens like you! You’re the ones who got us this far.

Now, will you help put us over the finish line? And will you share this mail with others who might do the same?

With your help, we’re going to do this thing.



The Carbon Washington Executive Committee


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