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Hello carbon tax friends: We’re eight weeks from qualifying I-732… so this weekly email blast is now going to feature a weekly countdown! See the first installment below, plus a 250 Club update, more kind words from editorial boards, and the plan for the rest of the year.

Signature count-down

After a late night tallying signatures, campaign co-directors Kyle and Duncan report that our current signature total is 256,347 (!) and that “last week was among our best as a campaign” (!!). Our goal is 330,000, so we’ve got 73,653 left to go… and you know the drill: check the signature-gathering calendars (in particular here’s Seattle RSVP and Bellevue RSVP forms), share our signature-gathering job postings with students and others who need a bit of cash, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, volunteer to make phone calls from your home or help out around the campaign office or do data entry from home, help with your local chapter, etc.

250 Club update

Congratulations to our new members of the 250 Club (and please contact us if you don’t already have your CarbonWA t-shirt!): Ed Chadd in Port Angeles; Anna Paulson in Bellingham; Cindy Jayne in Port Townsend (joining previous 250 Club member Dick Stockment); Frank Gremse and Barb Zimmer with Climate Action Bainbridge (joining Bruce Bonifaci);and Alex Dolk, Keith Ervin, John Kydd, Tim Newcomb, Nancy Penrose, Mishu Pham-Whipple, and Bill Roach in Seattle (joining previous Seattle members Robin Briggs, Kyle Conyers, Chris Covert-Bowlds, John C., Bruce Flory, Savannah Kinzer, Sean Kraft, Raphael Ladmer-Price, Galen LaPlante, Alex Lenferna, Ron Lindsey, Rob Marsh, Phil Mitchell, and Fritz Wollett). They join previous 250 Club members Heidi Cody in Vancouver; Gretchen Allison and Scott Finley on San Juan Island; four supporters from east King County (David Chapin, France Giddings, Eric Hanson, Marilyn Mayers, and Court Olson); two supporters from Olympia (Carole Richmond and Susan Sunshine); three supporters in Yakima (Peter Dufault, Chuck Foster, and Eleanor Hungate); and Gary Piazzon on Whidbey Island. (Update: Also Phil Singer and Polly Freeman in Seattle, and Kayta Tourtillot, Frank Turner, Jack Zeigler, and Tom Holtz in Olympia!)

Double congratulations to folks who have hit 500 signatures: Larry Lowther in Ellensburg and Omie Kerr with Climate Action Bainbridge, joining five supporters in Seattle (David Foutch, John Lombard, Alan Ness, and Anne Shields, plus campaign co-director Duncan Clauson); three members from Climate Action Bainbridge (Herb Hethcote, Mary Clare Kersten, and Alex Mezentsev); five supporters from Bellingham (Andy Day, David Gary, Dave Hopkinson, Ben Larson, and John Whitmer); Chom Greacen from Lopez Island; and Chris Diehl and staffer Jason Puracal from east King County. (Update: Also Laura Rivendell from east King County and Betty Hauser in Olympia!)

Quadruple congratulations to folks with 1,000+ signatures: Staffer Rheanna Johnston in Bellingham (joining fellow staffer David Jackman), Louise Stonington from east King County, Ande Finley from Lopez Island, four supporters from Climate Action Bainbridge (Brian Anderson, Cheryl Hunter, Gerlind Jenkner—who just hit 2000!—and Erika Shriner), and a mess of Seattle folks (Bob Jeffers-Schroeder, Mike Massa, Ben Pfeiffer, Aaron Tam at UW Seattle, yours truly, campaign co-director Kyle Murphy, and Seattle staffers Ben Silesky and Laurel Wolf). (Update: Also Julia Robinson in Seattle, and Thad Curtz and Penny Purkerson in Olympia! And since I highlighted Gerlind Jenkner for hitting 2000 I should also give a shout-out to fellow 2000+ wunderbars Ben Pfeiffer and Laurel Wolf, plus Ben Silesky for passing 3000 signatures and Bob Jeffers-Schroeder for nearing or passing 4000!)


Check out the editorial in the Spokane Spokesman-Review: “I-732 promises politics-neutral carbon tax solution for Washington” and this article in the WWU student newspaper by Taiki Sakurai: “Stand-up comedian and activist speaks on new carbon emission tax initiative”.

The plan

Our goal has always been to bring a revenue neutral carbon tax to Washington, and with each passing week we get closer to making that goal a reality. The first milestone will be gathering 330,000 total signatures. (After the Secretary of State eliminates signatures that are illegible or are not from registered voters or are duplicates—duplicate signatures still count, by the way, but obviously just once!—we are confident that we will be be left with enough valid signatures to qualify: the magic number of valid signatures we need is 246,372, equal to 8 percent of the number of votes cast for governor in the most recent gubernatorial election. The Secretary of State recommends a 25% cushion, hence 330,000.) From this point forward we will post updates every week on our homepage and via email blast our path to 330,000 total signatures.

The first step is to work hard for the next two weeks (remember, anything over 100 signatures in October enters you into our competition to win incredible prizes, including a cabin weekend on Lopez Island!) and then on [updated: Thursday October 29] in Olympia we will do a preliminary turn-in of approximately 260,000 signatures. (This turn-in will be a media event—one goal is to drum up interest in helping us finish the march to 330,000—so everyone is welcome! Email me at for details and carpooling options if you can join us.) If you are in the Seattle area and can’t make it to Olympia but want to join the (preliminary) celebration then please come by the office anytime between 9am and 7pm on [updated: Monday Oct 26] to get a photo with staff and fellow volunteers and the 14 boxes of signatures we’ll be turning in! (We’re at 1914 N 34th St. near Gasworks Park, in Suite 407, and in case of disaster call the office phone at 206-632-1805.)

The second step is to work hard for another 5 weeks and then we should have 330,000 within sight by Thanksgiving week. Please note that we’re also counting on you to collect signatures from shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving (because it’s Black Friday!) and to collect signatures from your friends and family on Thanksgiving Day (because grassroots campaigns depend on personal connections to spread the word!)… and BTW you’re also encouraged to give thanks that this phase of the campaign is almost over 🙂

The third step is to finish up all your last sheets, talk to the last of your neighbors, friends, and coworkers to get them to sign, and then mail or otherwise submit all of your signature pages by Monday November 30! 

And the fourth and final step: we will spend December organizing the signature sheets, giving the campaign staff some much needed time off, preparing for the final delivery to the Secretary of State… and then we will head out for one last round of signature gathering and celebrating to coincide with the Dec 18 release of the new Star Wars movie. (Stay tuned for details!)

And that will bring us to 2016, when the real fun begins! We can’t wait to see you there, so… onward! And, as always, comments are welcome on the blog, or via Facebook or Twitter, and please send your Tales from the Trails, good or bad, to me at (please cc: if you can).


Yoram (and the entire–and entirely grateful–CarbonWA Team)

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