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Hello carbon tax friends: Now that Kyle Murphy and Duncan Clauson have started full-time as campaign co-directors (focusing on Organizing and Operations, respectively, and avaiable via email at and let’s look at the eight winter deliverables that the campaign will be focusing on completing in the weeks ahead.

But first a preface: If you’d be interested in getting an awesome Carbon Washington t-shirt for just $25, please email because we’re hoping to put in an order soon!

Okay, now back to the winter deliverables:

1. We will work with volunteers to set up 20 chapters around the state. We have made some good progress on this front but need to do more. You can help by emailing about starting up a chapter in your area.

2. We will become part of the conversation. We have had tremendous success here! New this week is “Climate Activists Expand Grassroots Efforts While CarbonWA Prepares to Collect Initiative Signatures” in the Washington State Wire and a mention in “Inslee a student of California’s carbon-cap lessons” in today’s Seattle Times.

3. We will get pledges for 200,000 signatures. We are making progress here but you can help by making a signature gathering pledge for yourself or your group. Remember that our end goal here is gathering 300,000 signatures starting in April 2015

4. We will continue connecting with businesses, organizations, and economists. We are working on expanding our list of endorsements and are meeting with businesses, business groups, and other organizations on a nearly daily basis. If your business or organization wants to show their support for Carbon Washington please email Duncan Clauson at

5. We will raise $100,000. Our current bank account balance (as of this morning!) is $98,392.69. You can help push us into six figures by setting up a one-time or monthly donation for whatever you are comfortable with, whether it’s $10 a month or $200 a month. Remember that our campaign ends in November 2016 and that you don’t need to continue giving unless we’re continuing to impress you with our progress!

6. We will finalize our legal language. On Tuesday I had a 3-hour meeting with our legal advisor Bill Appel and two (!) former members of the state UTC (Utilities and Transportation Commission) to work on our legal language. We aim to have a new draft next week and are on track towards filing an Initiative to the Legislature on March 11!

7. We will continue to expand our social media presence. We’ve gone from 570 to 671 Facebook likes and from 100 to 223 (!) Twitter followers, meeting or exceeding our goal of 5% growth each month. And our email newsletter (this newsletter!) now reaches over 1500 people. You can help by sharing our news on Facebook and Twitter and by forwarding our email newsletter (this newsletter!!) to your friends and encouraging them to sign on at

8. We will review and update our website and our printed materials. This is on Duncan’s to-do list for this month and we are grateful for those of you who have volunteered to help. (It’s been a busy start-up week, so if you’ve volunteered but haven’t yet heard from Duncan please drop him a line at

Readings: Other interesting readings include “GOP offers its own slate of clean-energy bills for state” in the Seattle Times and the webcast of Bill Nordhaus’s presidential address to the American Economic Association. (Start at the 30-minute mark here for his talk on “Climate Clubs”.)

Events: This coming week I’ll be speaking at Seward Park Audubon and Pinchot University, and the following week CarbonWA’s Ben Silesky will be in Tacoma visiting UPS on Feb 17 and PLU on Feb 19. Details on all our events here!

As always comments welcome on the blog or via Facebook and Twitter.

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