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Here’s the second post of a new series to help you get to know CarbonWA just a little better.

Each week, a member of the CarbonWA team will be doing a Q&A. This week is Carter, a member of the Steering Committee.

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Q: How long have you been involved with CarbonWA?
A: Since last June.
Q: What CarbonWA chapter are you involved with?
A: I’m a member of the Steering Committee.
Q: What is your main form of transportation?
A: Bike/bus combination – great way to travel long distances while getting some exercise!
Q: Why climate change?
A: By addressing the systemic roots that are causing climate change, we also directly address nearly every injustice in our society. It’s about more than just the environment – the health and well-being of humankind demands action on unregulated industrial capitalism as well.
Q: What is your spirit animal?
A: Definitely a billy goat, because I love nothing more than to be set loose on a site and rip up all of the invasive plant species.
Q: Are you a tumbleweed or a potted plant?
A: Potted plant, because tumbleweeds are invasive in Eastern WA and take up space in the sagebrush steppe habitat/create lots of dry fuel for brush fires.
Q: Where could we find you on a Saturday afternoon?
A: Pulling ivy off trees in my neighborhood or exploring the beautiful natural wonders of our state.
Q: Favorite trip?
A: Backpacking through the northeastern part of the Olympics for eight days last summer. It was the height of wildflower season, and the sub-alpine meadows were dressed in vivid purples, yellows, and reds. No landscape could be more beautiful to me – it’s places like the Olympics that fuel my passion for activism.

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