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Here’s the third post of a new series to help you get to know CarbonWA just a little better.

Each week, a member of the CarbonWA team will be doing a Q&A. This week is Alex, a member of the Steering Committee.

Alex                     Alex2

Q: How long have you been involved with CarbonWA?
A: I joined in June 2014.
Q: What CarbonWA chapter are you involved with?
A: Seattle
Q: What is your main form of transportation?
A: Biking, busing and sleepwalking.
Q: Why climate change?
A: Climate change is about so much more than just climate change. If we think about a clean energy future it is about clean air, clean water, healthy, vibrant communities, and energy security and independence. We can work towards all of that while ensuring a safe and livable climate for mine and future generations.
Q: What is your spirit animal?
A: The Naked Mole Rat – a truly majestic creature and maybe the future of climate change adaptation for humanity.
Q: Are you a tumbleweed or a potted plant?
A: A tumbleweed trapped in the clutches of a multi-year PhD.
Q: Where could we find you on a Saturday afternoon?
A: You’d never find me, as I’d be out in the wilderness hiking or biking.
Q: Favorite trip?
A: When I moved from Kansas to Seattle in 2013 I spent a month on the road, just camping, hiking, flyfishing and mountain biking in many of America’s great wilderness areas, including Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Moab, Joshua Tree, the Rockies, and more.

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