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Here’s the first post of a new series to help you get to know CarbonWA just a little better.

Each week, a member of the CarbonWA team will be doing a Q&A. This week is Kyle, one of the co-directors.

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Q: How long have you been involved with CarbonWA?
A: 9 months. I started out as a member of the Steering Committee in Seattle.
Q: What CarbonWA chapter are you involved with?
A: All of them!
Q: What is your main form of transportation?
A: 1985 Gold Schwinn bicycle
Q: Why climate change?
A: It gives me a tremendous sense of purpose and meaning. This work has an impact on everything. Climate change proposes an incredible challenge that also has created an opportunity for us to connect to the Earth. We have the opportunity to create a world that is much more just and sustainable.
Q: What is your spirit animal?
A:  The wolf. They have bushy tails.
Q: Are you a tumbleweed or a potted plant?
A: Tumbleweed, definitely! 
Q: Where could we find you on a Saturday afternoon?
A: If it’s summer, probably on my kayak with my wetsuit on, diving for crabs.
In the winter, you’ll probably find me on my computer making plans for the summer. Or making chili.
Q: Favorite trip?
A: I biked from Astoria to San Francisco over 10 days. I would love to keep going to the southern most tip of South America.

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