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Hello carbon tax friends: It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with lots of good news (and a talk coming up this Thursday in Portland)!

1) Joining Denis Hayes, Marcia Baker, and Shi-Ling Hsu on our Advisory Board is Harvard environmental economist Marty Weitzman, who is on just about everyone’s shortlist to win the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering work on Pigouvian taxes versus cap-and-trade, climate change “fat tails”, etc. As if that’s not enough, Harvard economics department chair Greg Mankiw’s NY Times column this week was a love letter to revenue-neutral carbon taxes. (And keep in mind that Mankiw is perhaps the most prominent Republican economist in the country!)

2) But is it just Harvard economists who love carbon taxes? We don’t think so, and we have on our side the preliminary results we’ve seen from a recent poll of likely voters in Washington State. The complete poll analysis is being done as we speak, so stay tuned for more on this in the weeks ahead!

3) Put #1 and #2 together and what do you get? An opportunity to make something special happen. The next month is going to be crucial as we build support inside and outside the environmental community. You can help by pledging to collect signatures during Jan-June 2014, making a donation, telling your friends about CarbonWA, and/or inviting us to give a talk to your community. (See below for talks coming up.)

As many of you know, I’ve been working on this topic for 15 years. I’m convinced that in November of 2014 we can change the world. We need your help… let’s make it happen!


PS. I’m doing comedy-and-carbon-tax talks in Portland OR this Thursday Sept 5 (with Oregon Environmental Council and World Affairs Council of Oregon, details here) and in Olympia on W Oct 30 (at Traditions Cafe at 7pm, details coming) and we’re looking to do more talks, so please holler if you’ve got a group that would be interested in learning more about the campaign! (Comedy is optional 🙂

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