I-732 Opposition Arguments

I-732 Opposition

No on Initiative 732?

No on Initiative 732: We need to get climate policy right. I-732 has too many unintended consequences. I-732 gives tax breaks to polluters without any accountability and fails to invest in clean air and water, jobs and clean energy, or healthy forests and communities. I-732 further strips our state budget, harming education and infrastructure programs our communities need. This accelerating carbon tax will only push jobs and businesses elsewhere, and will not significantly address climate change.

Yes I Support Initiative 732

Yes on I-732: I-732 taxes polluters and uses that money to lower sales taxes on working families. Our opponents’ main argument, based on a disputed analysis, is that tax revenue over 6 years might decline less than 1%. Our main argument is that droughts, fires, and floods from climate change will definitely threaten our environment, our economy, and our kids’ futures. I-732 reduces pollution and boosts clean energy with a proven, bipartisan approach. Vote Yes!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Support for I-732

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Dirty fossil fuels pollute our air and water, threaten our forests, harm our kids, and damage our climate. I-732 makes polluters pay. It accelerates the shift to clean energy like solar, wind, and hydropower. And it returns the money polluters pay to everyone’s pocket by lowering other taxes.

Yes or No on Initiative 732

Clean Air, Clean Water, Healthy Forests

Washington families and kids deserve a safe environment with clean air and water and healthy forests. I-732 puts a price on carbon pollution from fossil fuels like coal and oil, but not on clean energy like solar and wind. It accelerates clean energy, creating good, local jobs, while driving down the burning of fossil fuels and the pollution, asthma, and smog they cause.

Fights Pollution and Climate Change

I-732 fights climate change by making big polluters pay. It’s an effective, bipartisan policy similar to one that’s been working successfully in British Columbia since 2008.

Makes Polluters Pay. Protects Working Families

Our current tax system hits lower- and middle-income families hardest. I-732 changes that. It uses the money polluters pay to lower sales taxes, saving the average family hundreds of dollars a year. And it sends tax refunds to hundreds of thousands of working families. It makes Washington’s taxes fairer as it makes our state cleaner.