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Hi everyone,

Lots of updates for you all this week. First, a big welcome and thanks to Marcia Baker, climate scientist at UW, for joining our Advisory Board.

Yoram will be hosting a few small info sessions at his home in Fremont over the next few weeks. The first will be Thursday, August 8th at 6pm. There will only be space for about 10 people, so RSVP to him and he will send you the address. We’ll have another likely the week after, so don’t worry if there isn’t enough space!

A clarification, as I’ve received several questions about our timeline. We are running an Initiative to the People to be on the ballot in November 2014, which means we only collect signatures from February-June of 2014. I’m glad everyone is excited to get started, but we have to wait a while longer still. Pledge to collect signatures during those 5 months here!

In other news, the Climate Legislative and Executive Work group formed by the climate study bill has hired SAIC to do the consultants’ report, which is due Oct 15. We also recommend you read this nice carbon tax post from David Roberts at Grist and these posts from Sustainable Prosperity and Pembina about the BC carbon tax.



Claire Meints
CarbonWA Organizer

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