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Hello carbon tax friends:

* Thanks to all of you (too many to name!) who chipped in to help bring young activists on board for the summer and beyond. For the rest of you, this is your last chance to help us (and get yourself a free signed advance copy of my new book, The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change) by donating $100 to CarbonWA. (I’m also donating all my royalties for this year, up to $10k.)

* Speaking of young activists, I’m delighted to announce that Kyle Murphy is joining the CarbonWA team! Kyle recently worked on campaigns for the Sierra Club and Transportation Choices Coalition, and before that he studied environmental politics at UW and co-founded Divest UW. Stay tuned for more announcements in the weeks ahead as we build up the team…

* Events: I’m giving a talk on Lopez Island on Sat May 31 at noon as part of the Islands Energy Fair, and then speaking to the San Juan County Economic Development Council at lunchtime on M June 2. Then a week later, on M June 9, I’m joining Todd Myers and others for a Seattle Chamber / WA Clean Tech Alliance lunch panel on carbon taxes followed by a Seattle Town Hall that same evening. (Yes, the same Town Hall that you can skip by donating $100 to CarbonWA!)

* Readings: I recommend “President Said to Be Planning to Use Executive Authority on Carbon Rule” from the NY Times (about the coal-power regulations that will be released by the Obama Administration on Monday and will likely include a “SIP swap” that will allow states to meet the new regulatory requirements through carbon pricing) and  “A Carbon Tax in Broader U.S. Fiscal Reform”, coauthored by Aparna Mathur of American Enterprise Institute and Adele Morris of Brookings Institution, who created and is championing the “SIP swap” idea… and is on our Advisory Board!

PS. If you know any young conservative climate activists, E&EI has a $5000 “thought-leadership contest” for the best essay/video/graphic/etc.

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