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Hello carbon tax friends: This week’s update is brought you by CarbonWA Co-Directors Duncan Clauson and Kyle Murphy while Yoram is away on vacation – and we have some big news to share starting with new endorsements (drumroll please…)

MORE ENDORSEMENTS: Mike McGinn, Nick Licata, 350-Seattle, & ReSources!

Mike McGinn! Mike is the former mayor of Seattle, a longtime leader in the Sierra Club, and a renowned climate champion.

Nick Licata! Nick has served on the Seattle City Council since 1998, is the former director of WashPIRG, and is a longtime champion of justice, equality, and the environment.

ReSources: ReSources is based in Whatcom County – and works on everything from sustainable communities to leading the campaign against coal trains.

350 Seattle: 350 Seattle is a grassroots organization passionate about climate and ecological justice. If you see a rally, an art build, or a major environmental event in Seattle you can bet 350 played a role in it.

NOW is the perfect time to gather signatures (and get your friends to join you!)

This organization always has been and always will be volunteer led. Luckily, we have a small band of awesome tireless staff building tools to help us organize. First up, we have a new calendar – check it out and sign up for an event! We also have awesome new volunteer buttons! So come out to one of our super fun signature gathering events and get yours!

Think you can just gather signatures later? Think again! Now is the time to begin. We’ve already got many volunteers over 100 signatures, and some with even more! With that, we want to make our first inductions into the 250 and the 1000 signature club!

THE 250 CLUB (comes with a free t-shirt!)

Ben Pfeiffer

Mike Mazza

Yoram Bauman

THE 1000 CLUB (comes with a free homemade dessert!)

Bob Jeffers-Schroeder

Already at 250 or more? Let us know when you get there – we will check our tracking and then gladly induct you!

As always – send us your fun photos from the field:!

Our Promise

We are committed to running a positive, volunteer-led campaign to implement the strongest climate policy in the nation. CarbonWA was created in living rooms, not board rooms, and the majority of our planning work STILL takes place in living rooms. We promise to never lose sight of that.

Now we need a promise from you – to give whatever you can to this campaign. If you have not gathered any signatures yet join a group working in your area, or start with your own living room by getting your friends and family to sign. Then, once that is done, help us by finding another volunteer to join you. If each of our supporters gathered 150 signatures we would have more than enough (or – that is just 75 if you find a friend to join you!).

Tales from the Trails!

Kyle Murphy approached a shirtless beach partier named Kenny, who stared blankly for a moment before shouting “Kyoto Protocol!!” and then took the clipboard and had all of his friends sign (8 people!).

Ben Pfeiffer gave a fellow the CarbonWA website to learn more. After this gentleman looked up CarbonWA on his phone, he chased Ben down from 200 yards away to sign the petition.

Paul Anderson says, “At the Columbia City Farmers Market, I was surprised at how many people said ‘thank you for doing this’ as they heard my spiel and offered a signature.”

From many of our petition gatherers we’ve been hearing a frequent comment:  the fact that I-732 is modeled after the highly successful revenue-neutral carbon tax in British Columbia appears to be a compelling factor in gaining the support of signators.

Please send your tales (with pictures too!) to

With Gratitude,

-Kyle Murphy & Duncan Clauson

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