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  • Here’s the latest 2-pager on the Green Economy / Transportation option.
  • Eric de Place and Ian Siadak at Sightline have a great new post about the BC carbon tax. The punch line: “The province is living proof that emissions reductions and GDP growth can go hand-in-hand.”

  • Wednesday evening Nov 14 there’s a panel discussion at SPU featuring Bob Inglis (formerly R-SC, now head of the Energy & Enterprise Initiative, which makes the conservative case for revenue-neutral carbon pricing), Todd Myers of the free-market Washington Policy Center (which is co-sponsoring the event), and UW climate scientist Mike Wallace; I’ll be moderating. More info at Please come and please spread the word!
  • The day before, on Tuesday Nov 13, there’s a day-long carbon tax conference in Washington, DC, with live video (and later full video at the same link). The conference is sponsored by American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institution, the IMF, and the environmental economics think tank Resources for the Future.
  • I’ll be in Portland Dec 5 to talk carbon taxes (and do some comedy shows, including at Lewis & Clark). Details here.
  • UPDATES FROM KEN C: Boulder Colorado voted to extend their carbon-tax-ish policy. And Dieter Helm has a new piece on Yale’s Environment 360: “Forget Kyoto: Putting a Tax on Carbon Consumption”


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