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Oct. 26, 2015

Contact: Lindsey Klemp  | | (503) 277-3809 (m)


Carbon Washington will deliver 260,000 signatures in support of Initiative 732 to the Washington Secretary of State’s office the morning of Oct. 29.

I-732 would create a tax on fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide, while refunding the money to taxpayers via a penny-per-dollar reduction in the state sales tax, virtual elimination of the Business & Occupation Tax on manufacturing, and funding the Working Families Tax Rebate. The rebate would provide up to $1,500 in tax relief each year to 400,000 low-income families and individuals.

When: Thursday, Oct. 29, 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

What: A press conference delivering 260,000 signatures for Initiative 732 to the Legislature in 2016 to put in place a revenue-neutral carbon tax in Washington State

Where: Volunteer Thad Curtz’s home, steps away from the Capitol: 113 17th Ave. SE, Olympia WA, 98501

Who: Carbon Washington staff, executive committee and supporters. Speakers include Yoram Bauman, co-founder of Carbon Washington, and other members of the executive committee.

One-on-one interviews can be arranged following the announcement.

Visuals: Crowd of supporters, volunteers and CarbonWA leaders will gather to turn in 260,000 signatures in boxes. Shots of the team walking boxes over from a nearby supporter’s house will available before and during the conference.

Carbon Washington will host an open house on Tuesday, Oct. 27, from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. at the campaign’s headquarters: 1914 N. 34th Street, Suite 407, Seattle. All 260,000 signatures will be on display with opportunities to speak with staff and volunteers about the Initiative.

Carbon Washington has collected more than 282,000 signatures and is on track to collect a total of 330,000 signatures by the end of November — well over the 247,000 signatures required to qualify for the 2016 ballot. Dec. 31 is the deadline for turning in signatures.

Carbon Washington is a grassroots group composed of scientists, economists, and activists concerned about climate change and seeking a solution that doesn’t damage economic growth. Initiative 732 is a viable, bipartisan approach to addressing climate change. The goal is simple: shift the tax burden away from the goods and service we want, and onto the carbon pollution we don’t want. You can learn more about Initiative 732 at the campaign’s website —

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