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Hello carbon tax friends: I’m on the road this week (including at a Pricing Carbon conference in Washington DC) so this is a good time to take a step back and report on our five summer deliverables:

  • Carbon tax swap calculator: We promised to deliver a household calculator tool, and it’s live at (!). We are contributing to ongoing refinements, including adding “wood” as an option for home heating and adding an annual-mileage-and-mpg option for gasoline consumption. (Many of those refinements are based on your feedback, so keep it coming!) We also promised to deliver a Sankey diagram to visualize our policy; this didn’t quite turn out as well as we’d hoped (here’s one of our drafts) but if you’ve got ideas on how to improve this please holler!
  • Policy and legal alternatives: We promised to complete an in-depth exploration of policy and legal alternatives, including actual ballot language from the Secretary of State’s office, and that’s exactly what we did: Initiative Measure No. 675 concerns taxes. This measure would impose a tax on certain fossil fuels, phase in a one percentage-point retail sales tax reduction, reduce certain manufacturing and processing business taxes, and increase the working families’ tax exemption. Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]. See details here and stay tuned for continuing refinements in the weeks ahead!
  • Social media: We set a target of 500 Facebook likes and 150 Twitter followers followers, and we’re now at 543 Likes on Facebook and 123 followers on Twitter. One could argue that we hit our target on average (!) but we will keep pushing on this front, and of course you can help 🙂
  • College outreach: Connecting with students over the summer wasn’t easy, but Carter and Ben are working hard to fulfill our pledge to make connections with each major college campus in the state by this fall. If you can help on that front please email them at or
  • Endorsements: We set a target of 10 organizational endorsements and are still working towards that target (on our homepage you can see a partial list of endorsements) but the big news here is our endorsement from Seattle Business magazine!

Overall: It was a wonderfully busy and productive summer, and we are excited to make more forward progress this fall as we head towards signature-gathering in March-December of 2015! You can help by pledging to collect signatures or by making a donation (even a recurring monthly donation if you want!). As always, comments welcome on this blog or via Facebook and Twitter!

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