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Hello carbon tax friends, and many thanks to everyone who went to the Seattle CLEW hearing (that’s Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup) last week! As reported by CarbonWA supporter Jeremy Stone, “There were more calls for a carbon tax than I could count. Probably 1 out of 4 speakers brought it up… I was also surprised how wide the demographics were that asked for a carbon tax — they ranged from hippies and activists to business leaders… [Also] there’s a great summary from KUOW.”

To help keep the momentum going, we’re going to submit written CarbonWA comments to CLEW, and we’d like you to sign on! The commentary we’re going to submit is “The Truth About Carbon Pricing” (co-authored with Sightline’s Eric de Place). If you want to sign on, please reply to me by Tuesday Oct 29 at 11:59pm with your name and city, e.g., “Jane and John Doe, Tacoma WA”. (PS. If you also or instead want to submit your own written comments, send them to <> by Wednesday Oct 30. Note that there’s one more CLEW hearing, on Dec 6 in Olympia, but written comments are apparently due this Wednesday.)

Speaking of Tacoma and Olympia, I’ll be doing comedy-and-carbon-tax talks at PLU on T Oct 29 and at Evergreen and Traditions Cafe on W Oct 30. They’re free and open to the public, with details on our events page, which also has info on events coming up in Seattle (Nov 7), Everett (Nov 9), and Spokane, Pullman, and Walla Walla (Nov 11-14, including editorial board meetings as well as public talks!).

PS. Governor Inslee is scheduled to be part of a regional climate change announcement on Monday. We’ll have to wait and see what that’s all about, but we definitely need to push harder on a BC-style revenue-neutral carbon tax, so please consider signing on to the CarbonWA comments and please help spread the word about the CarbonWA website and our upcoming events!

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