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Hello carbon tax friends:

* I’m delighted to announce that Summer Hanson is joining the CarbonWA team! Summer has just finished her sophomore year at Princeton University, where she is studying Public Affairs and Environmental Studies. More soon!

* Events: Tomorrow (Monday) is going to be a busy day: I’ll be on KJR FM95.7 at 7:45am for an interview, then joining Todd Myers and others for a Seattle Chamber / WA Clean Tech Alliance lunch panel on carbon taxes, and then a Seattle Town Hall that same evening as a book launch for The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change. (I’m donating to CarbonWA all my royalties for this year, up to $10k, and thanks to all of you who donated $100 to CarbonWA to get an advance copy! And of course CarbonWA is still happy to take donations.)

* Readings: I recommend “Now is the time for a Washington carbon plan” in the Olympian by Eric Berman and Jeremy Stone. On the new Obama climate regulations, I think the best (and shortest!) read is Michael Levi’s analysis that it’s approximately like a $10 carbon tax. (More readings include “In praise of second best” and “Obama’s green gamble” in the Economist; a long discussion of carbon pricing in the NY Times, which also goes into law, economics, and a comparison with health care; also more on coal and coal jobs. And I think this from the tea-party folks at RedState is thought-provoking.) Finally, for a good overview of carbon pricing that covers both carbon taxes and cap-and-trade systems, I’ll be immodest enough to suggest the chapter from my Cartoon Climate book as excerpted on the PBS NewsHour blog.


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