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Hello carbon tax friends: I hope you haven’t experienced the irony of “it’s too hot to gather signatures to fight climate change”… but regardless today is the last day to postmark or otherwise turn in your June signature pages. (We’ll have totals at the end of the week, and as detailed below you get an extra day thanks to the state legislature 🙂 Read on for signature-gathering opportunities on the 4th of July and beyond, thank you for helping us meet our $10k matching challenge (!), and please continue to pass our job posting around to high school or college students looking for a summer job working on carbon taxes.

Send in your June signatures today

Send us today any signature sheets with 10 or more signatures. Today is the last day to postmark or otherwise turn in your June signature pages: to your local coordinator, or bring them by the office (1914 N 34th St, Suite 407), or mail them to us (CarbonWA; PO Box 85565; Seattle WA 98145-1565). We’ll announce the totals at the end of the week!

Thank you for meeting our $10k matching challenge!

Our June fundraising total surpassed our $30k target and is approaching $32k, so thank you for help us stay in great financial shape! Now… let’s do it again for July 🙂

Olympia legislative update

I delayed this email blast by a day in the hopes of providing a wrap-up of the legislative session but… fat chance! To the best of my limited understanding there is now a budget (which as expected did not include any cap-and-trade revenue), but there are still questions about a crucial companion bill and about a possible constitutional crisis and about a possible transportation bill (which appears to be pretty lousy and also includes a “poison pill” blocking a Low Carbon Fuel Standard) and… well, that’s enough for now! The only solid news is that there’s only one carbon pricing policy left on the table, and that’s Carbon Washington’s I-732, so please help out however you can: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter; share our signature-gathering job posting with young people who are passionate about climate action and need some summer cash; make a donation to the campaign; and most of all help out with signature-gathering! Speaking of which…

Signature-gathering opportunities: Fourth of July and beyond

The best signature gathering opportunities are when there are lots of people hanging around outside in a good mood… and it doesn’t get any better than a Saturday Fourth of July with blue skies, so head out to your local bbq or fireworks and hit your July signature target early! If you need more details please get in touch with our 20+ chapters around the state and/or check the signature-gathering calendars (and here’s Seattle RSVP and Bellevue RSVP forms).

As always comments are welcome on the blog, or via Facebook or Twitter, and please send your Tales from the Trails, good or bad, to me at (please cc: if you can).

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