Campaign News

We can win! 

Let’s recap where we are right now – it’s late in the fourth quarter (ballots will be mailed out tomorrow!!) and the most recent October 7 KOMO-4/Strategies 360 poll showed 42% Yes, 37% No, 21% Undecided  So, the best guess is that we are down by 8 – (that’s just a touchdown and a 2 point conversation the Seahawks fans out there). We can win. Say it out loud with us “we can win”, “we can win”, “we can win”. OK, 8 points, that’s do-able but no cake-walk because the defense is good (check out the latest No on I-732 ad). But, we can win, especially because of a generous  and surprising $100,000 donation from a local economist (!) that is going straight toward our field effort for the rest of the campaign! We can win because we have a secret weapon that most campaign consultants overlook as they focus on TV ads and fancy mailers – we have a huge network of dedicated, earnest, wonderful supporters. You are our secret weapon. We need you on the field, making plays, winning votes, and helping us get to the endzone.  

Sign up for the ballot drop blitz!  

Phonebanking and knocking on doors is our best play. The defense can’t stop it and we know it scores points with voters. But phonebanking and doorknocking is labor intensive – and our staff, student volunteers, and dedicated die-hards can’t do it alone. We need the watchers to become do-ers in this home stretch – we all need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and out of our routine to rise the occasion. We need 100 people to sign up for an 8 hour blitz this week through the weekend as ballots drop to hit our phone and door goals for the week. At least 20 percent of voters will vote this weekend – so this is our last chance to reach 1/5th of the electorate. Will you rise to the occasion with us?


You can complete your hours with us in Seattle (calling at our office or joining for team doorknocking), or with your local chapter, or on your own!

Or you can just sign up and wait for our staff to contact you to get set up!

Retail Rush

The doors and the phones are our best play – but it’s not our only play. This week we are launching the RETAIL RUSH and our new online SWAG SHOP!  

Every time you visit a RETAILER (any business that charges sales tax) you can be a climate hero by joining our Retail Rush. It’s super easy:

Step 1: go to your favorite retailers, grocery stores, bars, coffee shops, etc.

Step 2: Take an I-732 flyer and one of our fantastic new posters, see below, that are available for download or for pickup in our office for free.

Step 3: Ask the store clerk if you can add the poster to the bulletin board , wall or window and ask to speak to the owner about getting the business to endorse. We post business endorsements online creating free advertising. (if you get any endorsements or contact info email it to: If they say no, then put it up in the window of your office, a nearby lightpole, or anywhere just get it in a visible place! Then repeat.

This is a tremendous way to increase visibility and make stronger connections with local businesses in favor of climate action! 

Working your network

Okay, here’s the real low hanging fruit. It’s nearly election day and all your friends are looking to you to help them sort out their long, confusing ballot. We need you to tell all your friends to vote for I-732 – you can do this by putting up a yard sign, getting a bumper sticker, sharing our posts the I-732 facebook page, and perhaps most importantly sending an email to your entire contact list titled “please vote for I-732 this November” with a short note about why you think, everyone needs to vote yes this year (looking for inspiration? Check out some great letters to the editor that make a concise case for I-732).

Let’s score 8 points. Let’s win!

From the whole Yes on 732 team