Washington’s I-732 Carbon Tax Swap is a Proven Climate Solution

Washington’s I-732 carbon tax plan is revenue neutral. All of the state tax on carbon is given back to the community as tax breaks.

  • A fee is levied on each ton of CO2-equivalent gases that are emitted.
  • The tax would show up at the gas pump and also on electric bills for businesses and homes.
  • To avoid the tax, businesses and people would shift to cleaner energy sources that don’t pollute.
  • Families get tax breaks, save money.
  • Put a price on pollution, generate clean energy.

British Columbia implemented a similar clean energy plan  to the I-732 carbon tax.

What happened? It worked:

  • The economy there has grown.
  • Clean energy jobs are booming.
  • Pollution is way down.

Washington I-732 Carbon Tax Swap

I-732 has broad support from intellectuals on the right and left. Economists, environmentalists, climate scientists. See I-732 endorsements.