March 2015


We are finalizing our ballot language and will have signature-gathering trainings / kick-offs in Seattle on Saturday April 11 and in Bellevue on Sunday April 19 (register here!); we’ve got a new research post showing that the CarbonWA proposal will be the biggest improvement to the progressivity of the Washington State tax system since the 1977 ballot measure that exempted groceries from the sales tax (!!); and a review of our winter deliverables produces an overall grade of B-plus: good progress but improvement is possible, especially with pledges for signature-gathering (hint hint)! more

Executive summary

The Carbon Washington carbon tax proposal is revenue neutral, with about 70% of the carbon tax revenue going to reduce the state sales tax by a full percentage point and the remaining revenue divided between reductions in manufacturing taxes and funding for the Working Families Rebate, a state-level bump-up of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. more

Hello carbon tax friends: This week’s news includes our new campaign office (complete with a wish list!), a wording contest (the winner gets a homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie!), and an update on the ballot measure we filed last week (!). more

Hello carbon tax friends: Sorry for the pun in the subject line, but lots of great news to share (so much that I failed to get this update out last week, so I’ll cap-and-trade it ? more

Update: Please see the final version here. 

Update: Here’s the latest in Word and in PDFmore