March 2016

Catching_the_Sun_375Love clean energy? Come join us for a screening of a new film on the rise and challenges of solar power across the U.S.

On Wednesday, April 13, Yes on I-732 supporters will gather at the AMC Loews Oak Tree cinema for a 7 p.m. screening of Catching the Sun.

See the movie’s website (with trailer) and Facebook page.

Then buy your tickets here:


Hello carbon tax friends: The theme of this week’s email blast (written by Campaign Co-Director Kyle; Yoram has the week off) is “Honest, but Optimistic”. But first and foremost: RSVP NOW FOR OUR APRIL 9 KICKOFF BREAKFAST!

Kicking off the next phase: Honest, but Optimistic


Hello carbon tax friends: The special session in the legislature continues, but this is a good week for stepping back and stepping up as we continue gearing up for the November ballot… including the last few days of our campaign moneybombmore

Hello carbon tax friends: There is legislative gridlock and a special session on the way in Olympia, but we have two ways to make lemonade from the lemons. First, our Olympia team—led by indefatigable Executive Committee member Greg Rock—will continue to have in-depth conversations about carbon taxes and I-732B options with legislators and lobbyists and citizens from across the political spectrum. (Those in-depth conversations will pay dividends for years to come and would not have happened without I-732!) Second, we are launching our campaign for the November ballot: instead of once again having to put climate action off for another year, we have a campaign to put a price on carbon, so read on for the road ahead, plus upcoming events, news articles… and a campaign moneybombmore

Hello carbon tax friends: We still don’t know if there will be action in Olympia this coming week on a 732B alternative, but what we do know is that we’ve gotten a lot of folks thinking about and talking about carbon taxes and climate policy. And since I’m on the east coast this week I can confirm that our influence is actually being felt all around the country! More on that below, plus a great NYT article on the BC carbon tax and other news stories… but we’re going to begin with a strong endorsement of I-732 from Interfaith Works.


The New York Times’ Eduardo Porter reports on the carbon tax in British Columbia, which serves as the model for Initiative 732: “Their experience shows that cutting carbon emissions enough to make a difference in preventing global warming remains a difficult challenge. But the most important takeaway for American skeptics is that the policy basically worked as advertised.

“British Columbia’s economy did not collapse. In fact, the provincial economy grew faster than its neighbors’ even as its greenhouse gas emissions declined.”