April 2013

  • A great Everett Herald editorial: It’s time for a carbon tax
  • Sightline’s Talking Carbon Taxes, Free-Enterprise Style
  • In transportation news, a modest transportation bill is heading for the Governor’s desk: “Lawmakers are leaving aside for now the more contentious question of a transportation revenue package that would augment the budget. That debate is set to resume in a special session…”


Some good developments!

  • Last week I was invited to talk carbon taxes with the Conservation Committee of the Cascade Chapter of the Sierra Club. The idea of a revenue-neutral carbon tax received a vote of support (unanimous, if I recall correctly) and a task force was created to come up with recommendations for getting a carbon tax passed. Great news, stay tuned for more!
  • I submitted ballot language for a revenue-neutral proposal to see what kind of ballot title would come out of it, and here’s the result: “This measure would impose a greenhouse gas emissions tax on certain fossil fuels, reduce the state sales tax one percentage-point, eliminate the business and occupation tax on manufacturers, and increase certain tax credits.” More details on the bill itself (PDF, Word) and on the ballot title and summarymore