April 2014

Hello carbon tax friends: More info below on upcoming events (including a talk at University Unitarian Church this Sunday) but first: Last week, CarbonWA published an open letter to Governor Inslee, calling on him to (1) publicly outline a detailed policy proposal and (2) commit to make that proposal a reality no later than the November 2016 electionmore

Hello carbon tax friends: Before we get to our open letter to the governor, a few events and readings: more

Hello carbon tax friends: This week’s post is mostly a thought experiment about carbon taxes (“How much is enough”, a reference to Alan Durning’s 1992 book by the same name) but before going into the details I want to promote a few items: more

Hello carbon tax friends: I want to answer a question that I’ve heard many times of late, especially since Governor Inslee has become increasingly outspoken about his preference for cap-and-trade. That question is about the potential conflict between cap-and-trade—or other carbon pricing efforts—and our effort. more

Hello carbon tax friends: It’s taken us quite a while to re-engage, but I’m happy to announce that CarbonWA is back in action! Details below about our new plan, plus other news, readings, and events. more