May 2014

Hello carbon tax friends:

* Thanks to all of you (too many to name!) who chipped in to help bring young activists on board for the summer and beyond. For the rest of you, this is your last chance to help us (and get yourself a free signed advance copy of my new book, The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change) by donating $100 to CarbonWA. (I’m also donating all my royalties for this year, up to $10k.) more

Hello carbon tax friends:

* We still need your financial support to bring young activists on board for the summer and beyond, so as an inducement I’m offering up a free signed copy of my new book (The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change) for people who donate $100 to CarbonWA on or before May 29. Look, I’ve already pledged all of my royalties for this year (up to $10k) to CarbonWA, so I’ll be shameless about plugging the book: it isn’t even officially released yet, so you’ll get one of the very first copies… except for the ones that went to reviewers like Jim Hansen and Marty Weitzman who loved the book. (Just the other day there was this from Kirkus Review.) Yes, you can wait until June 5 to buy it from your local bookstore, or from Amazon, or at my Seattle Town Hall, but donate $100 to CarbonWA and you’ll get a signed copy now. Plus you’ll help CarbonWA hire some great staff members, so the book is really just like getting a sales tax reduction on top of a carbon tax!more

Hello carbon tax friends: It took us some time earlier this year to get re-oriented towards a Nov 2016 ballot measure campaign, but I’m happy to say that we’re now building momentum and building the team heading into the summer! more

Hello carbon tax friends: On Tuesday I was invited to be on a King5 News ” climate debate” with Paul Guppy of the free-market Washington Policy Center, and what stands out for me from our discussions on and off camera (video here) is how much common ground there was. In some ways this is not surprising—Paul’s colleague Todd Myers is on the CarbonWA Advisory Board—but it’s still worth emphasizing how much we agreed on: that the climate is changing, that humans have something to do with it, and that smart market-based instruments like revenue-neutral carbon taxes are much better policy approaches than direct regulation. more