July 2013

Hi everyone,

Lots of updates for you all this week. First, a big welcome and thanks to Marcia Baker, climate scientist at UW, for joining our Advisory Board. more

Hello carbon tax friends:

* We can’t do it without you! Please pledge now to collect signatures between February and June 2014. We’ve got 72,000 signatures pledged and have a goal of 100,000 pledges by the end of the summer. (It takes 300,000 to get on the ballot.) You can also use the same quick survey to get involved in the committees working on the campaign, outreach, policy, fundraising, etc. more

Hi everyone,

Our numbers keep increasing! We now have 71,000 signatures pledged, and our goal is still 100,000 for this summer. If you haven’t pledged, do so here. We need a lot more than that though. Can you talk to two people this week about CarbonWA, tell them why putting a price on carbon is important, and ask them to pledge to collect 1000 signatures from January-July of 2014? Have them fill out the form, here. Thanks! more

Hello carbon tax friends!

* Under Claire’s leadership we’ve formed a handful of working groups: Policy/Legal, Campaign/Outreach, Media/Communications, Fundraising, and Science/Academic. If you’re interested in participating please sign up via our survey here and/or email me or [email protected] and we can connect you. more