August 2014

Hello carbon tax friends: Terrific news this week!

* Endorsement of CarbonWA from Seattle Business magazine: We can’t say it any better than Seattle Business magazine editor Leslie Helm in the September issue: “A carbon tax works ­— and the state should implement one.” I strongly encourage everyone to read the entire piece, to be generous in printing copies for friends and sharing the link online, and to stay tuned for a link to another article about carbon pricing in the same issue. It’s not yet online, so while you’re waiting how about taking advantage of their offer of a free subscription to the magazine? (Capitalism is amazing, isn’t it? Perhaps they make money from advertising; you can ask them on Twitter and Facebook… but mostly you should give them some love for their strong endorsement of revenue-neutral carbon taxes and CarbonWA.) more

Hello carbon tax friends: Lots of progress to report this week!

* Campaign social event in Seattle on the evening of W Aug 27: Our Seattle campaign social event will be on the evening of W Aug 27 at the Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar (1508 11th Ave, near 12th and East Pike on Capitol Hill). Stay tuned for an official event email, but between 6:00 and 8:30 we’ll have socializing, campaign updates, volunteer opportunities, and maybe a bit of comedy. And if you want to hang around until 9pm there will be 3 bands following our event: Chemical Clock, Punishment, and Sister Girlfriend! All ages are welcome but of course the bar is 21+. more

Here’s our new economist sign-on letter with preliminary signers. (More expected once schools come back in session!) If you are a PhD economist and want to sign on, please email [email protected].

Economist Sign-Ons 2014

Hello carbon tax friends: In addition to a save-the-date and a carbon tax calculator update, read on for news from the Governor’s CERT task force and the usual grab bag of recommended readings. more